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Optimizing Facebook and Instagram Advertising to Promote Your Business

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other digital devicesprovide modern channels for people to meet anywhere they could be. As these devices continue to soar, so is social media marketing. Two of the most known are Facebook and Instagram advertising. These two are essentials in making your brand succeed in a competitive business environment. Social media marketing…


How to increase Instagram followers in 2018? 

How to increase Instagram followers in 2018?  Instagram Social Networking app shares your followers sharing text, image, and video with their smartphone. Just like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is not only fun, but it has become a serious digital marketing platform, which creates audiences for individuals and brands. Large companies like Starbucks, Intel, American Express,…

What is Facebook Canvas and Why It is Important for Marketers?

Canvas being launched in the beginning of this month has already gained wide attention as a cool tool for Facebook advertisers. In complete contrast to regular Facebook ads, Canvas has a mobile only approach. Offering a look and feel much similar to mobile landing pages, users can easily scroll down the images, texts, videos, carousels…

10 Advantages of Managing Social Media Accounts

10 Advantages of Managing Social Media Accounts

10 Advantages of Managing Social Media Accounts Unless one has been living under a giant rock, social media are as inevitable as water. It has proven its worth to the everyday essentiality. Here are ten reasons why one should say yes to social media. 1. Through social media management, one can reach even the farthest…

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