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Take a Look at the Best Instagram Photo and Editing Apps

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Instagram’s popularity has boomed with the Smartphone cameras becoming better in recording videos and clicking photos. It is good videos and pictures that can help in sparking interest in business thereby drawing people in. Yet the standard videos and photos that people upload on their Instagram account will not be enough in grabbing the audience’s attention. More than any other social network channel, Instagram is everything about the attractive visuals. Take a look at the top 4 photo apps used on Instagram.

Instagram Photo Apps- A Sneak Peek

Below is a list of the top 4 photo apps used on Instagram,

  • Layout- This is a photo app that is simple and will allow users in generating collages easily and quickly. In case of a group of photographs which on their own cannot do the job well, Layout will help in making it possible in turning it to a beautiful collage quickly. It will act as a handy app in case one has a new product collection which can be released together. The layout will allow one in highlighting them effortlessly into a well-made collage.


  • Boomerang- In the case of Instagram short videos will do the magic but for those who do not want a video, Boomerang will be the best choice. It will right away capture an event and transform the same into a video which one can share with their followers on Instagram. Boomerang will photograph about 10 images through a quick sequence and will automatically turn it to a mini video.


  • Swipeable- Often panoramic shots are needed while clicking a big group photo or that of products to ensure that it has everyone or everything that one desires to show. Panoramic shots are hard to click with Instagram. It is here Swipeable can sort this issue in just no time. It is a good photo app which can help one in clicking panoramic shots effortlessly.


  • Caption- There cannot be a better means to engage customers on Instagram than writing a caption on a photo that is memorable. Yet composing a catchy caption is not everyone’s cup of tea. Relax, Caption can help. This app will allow the user to type a keyword and put together different famous quotes, well-known catchphrases and use that in the caption.

Great pictures do not happen by accident. Utilize nature before technology as well as spend time on the subject, the surroundings, lighting and all that is taking place before clicking. Be rest assured it will create a remarkable difference when it comes to the picture quality that you post on Instagram. This social media platform every month has more than 700 million active users, and its fame continues to rocket with Smartphone cameras turning better in clicking videos and pics of high quality. If you wish to learn more visit RoboLike.

Popular Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

Managing to edit photos on Instagram indeed has turned into a common issue for most of the account holders. Instagram is the one-stop destination for adding selfies, building photo libraries and also sharing the same on Twitter and Facebook. Here making use of the best editing app or tool will work wonders in organizing the photos. Here are top 3 photo editing apps for Instagram users which has turned immensely popular.

  • Square FX-For many, images cropping can be difficult especially when one uploads and fits it on the Instagram frame. Here the Square FX editing app can be utilized for preventing cropping, refitting or resizing the pictures according to the need and choice. Through this app, you can perform a lot of functions, namely,
  • Change the colors, styles, and frames.
  • Select photos instantly and place the same on the frame to prevent cropping
  • Perform functions such as scaling, rotating or flipping images
  • Save the pictures under the photo library
  • Choose a background from different options including pattern, colour, and gradient for inducing effects and a fantastic look.
  • Equipped with the wonderful bug fixing feature


  • VSCO Grid and VSCO Cam- This app is accessible for Android 4.0 and iOS version empowered devices. It is a minimalistic platform that is ideal to create, publish and display the photography skills. It is an excellent platform which allows both the interaction and integration amid the interested takers and photographers. In this world where images help in expressing much more than texts, it is difficult to get a platform which allows sharing pictures to photographers from different parts of the world. This photo editing app comes with various facilities and features which includes,
  • Colour editing of pics for that improved look before uploading it on Instagram
  • It is compatible to use on devices that are Android and iOS-based
  • Know about the most talented photographers from different parts of the world through VSCO journals
  • Comes with a long list of presets and tools option
  • Explore the picture gallery and pick the favourite


  • Snapseed- This app has been created for an iOS platform for performing different functions with images on an Apple device. This app comes with some vital features namely,
  • Tweak all photos on iPad and iPhone
  • Edit pictures to make changes on saturation, sharpness, brightness, and contrast through the loupe tool
  • Besides Instagram, it will allow people in sharing a selfie or an image on Twitter, Flickr or Facebook
  • Give a retro style to the pictures through the black and white filter

The tags are extremely vital to be attached to every photo on a social media profile, and Instagram is no exception. No matter the account is a personal one, or for a business purpose, the user will always desire in attaching to the images some details. The product line and brand will gain maximum customer response via them.

On the contrary, the hashtags are crucial for the maximum visibility of the Instagram profile on search engines. Instagram editing apps will allow one in performing such tasks efficiently. Choose the best photo and editing app today.

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