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How to Make Money as a Web Designer in Nigeria

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Making Money from Your Website is Easy

I always tell my students that it is easy to make money as a Web Designer. As a web designer, you make money in various ways. Some think that we only make money by designing websites for others. We make money from website we own and operate by ourselves. If you want to discover how you can make money from your own website, read on.

In this post, I want to reveal two ways you can make money from your own website as a website designer.

1. Make Money Referring Others to Good Products and Services

Yes, you can make good money from referring others to good products and services. As a website designer, you know companies that deal with good services like hosting. Gone are the days when you receive thank you for referring others to good products and services. Let me give you an example – you know that with N2, 500 (or less), you can host your website (5GB web space with free domain included). But what do you get in return from such services – regular server problems. I experienced such down times when I was hosting with Nigeria based Web Hosting company till last years I decided to change to Hostgator. Since then till date, I never experienced downtime. Having experienced such good web hosting service, I recommend Hostgator Web Hosting Service to some of my clients that need a bigger space.

Commission from Hostgator Web Hosting

Commission from Hostgator Web Hosting

This is an evidence that I am telling you the truth. The good thing is that I recommended only one person and Hostgator rewarded me with $100 commission. What if I recommend 3 or 5 people in a month? This is one of the ways you can make money as a web designer.

Before I reveal the second way, I want to let you know that you can learn how to design website from the comfort of your home. It is easy now compare to when I started my journey as a web designer. It is easy when you learn from somebody who knows the trend in web design and walk you through what you need to know as a web designer. I started by learning with Microsoft FrontPage with you can agree with me is out-dated. Do you want to get started as a web designer; email us: member [ at ] wordpressuniversity.com We teach you in the comfort of your house and you take your lessons at your own convenient time. The training fee is within your reach – N15, 000 only – including registering and hosting your website for one year.  Web design is better learnt by practical approach and the website of your own will help you to achieve it.

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2. Web Designers Makes Money by Blogging

Another way you can make money as a web designer is by blogging. What is blogging? – blog is simply a website with frequent updates. So blogging is the act of posting frequent information, article and many more. Many people are making money from their website. One way you can make money from your blog is by accepting adverts from companies. Not only that, you can make money from Sponsored Post. People pay you for posting article on your website. I receive a lot of articles from other people and I get paid by posting it on my website. Let me show you a proof; read my emails:

Subject: Re: Previous Sponsored Posts

> >>> Hi there,
> >>> (xxxxx name withheld) here from (xxxx company withheld) hope you are well, we have
> >>> currently been communicating through an alias and been buying
> >>> sponsored posts from you at a price.
> >>>
> >>> Moving forwards I will be purchasing placements from this email
> >>> address as we have many publishers and we need to streamline the
> >>> process also we do over 500 placements per month so there is plenty
> >>> more opportunity for us to work together.
> >>>
> >>> What I would like to know from you so we can spend more money with
> >>> you  is the following:
> >>>
> >>> – Do you have a list of sites we can book from you with prices?
> >>> – Do you accept articles and infographic placements?
> >>> – Do you sell banner space on your site with prices?
> >>> – Do you sell home page links with prices?
> >>> – Do you sell links in already published articles with prices?
> >>> – Can you also write the articles being the webmaster?

> >>> Thanks in advance for sharing this information with us, please let me
> >>> know if you have any questions and I look forward to working with you
> >>> moving forwards.
> >>> Kind Regards 

Hi Stan,
Thanks for getting back to me and I hope you are having a good day,  just to let you know where I am on your pricing…I place over 500 articles a month for over 100 clients and my budgets are normally 10 placements for $300 so I can allocate $30 per placement and then high quality article production for your website.

This is not a one off placement, some of the blog owners we work with may get up to 20 posts per month dependant on quality of site and niche.

Please let me know if you would like me to offer your site to my clients?

Looking forward to your response

Kind Regards

Hi Stan,
Thanks a lot for the confirmation. Just so we are inline and across with our budget, Please confirm that you agree to 10 placements for $300.00 so I can allocate $30.00 (for PR3’s) and 10 placements for $200.00 so I can allocate $20.00 per placement (for PR2’s)

Kind Regards,

YES ! I confirmed and agreed for 10 placements for $300, if you do the conversion, it is not a small money. It doesn’t take me 2 hours to post 10 articles already written.

There are so many other ways to make money online, you can read more on How to make money online in Nigeria at Yokebay.com

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