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10 Simple & Sassy Facebook Marketing Tips that Everyone Can Follow

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I don’t remember a day which I’ve spent without scrolling my Facebook feed. It has become an addiction, and even when it seems boring, I always end up opening. It’s not only me but also the 65% of the audience who check their Facebook daily to see the happenings.

That’s the reason advertisers start with Facebook whenever they plan to launch any campaign. If you’re looking to skyrocket your brand on Facebook, it’s not necessary that you hire a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional to do the job because these simple tips can make you stand out effortlessly.

1- Target your Specific Audience:

Facebook is a huge platform where you can get the maximum audience for your brand. For example, if your brand is in Canada, and you want to target French and German women, you can approach them on the go. But before targeting research your buyer personas, this will help you to focus on your specific audience who are most likely to purchase your product. 

2- Launch Short Contests:

How many Facebook contest you’ve participated since you joined Facebook? 

People can’t ignore the short contest that looks good to them. I recently participated in a contest where the task was to write a catchy caption for a picture, and I was published on the page. It steers my motivation to do more. When you give something promising to your audience like publishing their names or a shout out, they engage with you. Think of something creative for a contest and see the people engagements on your post.

3- Short Videos:

Video trend on the Internet is evolving at an unprecedented pace and on Facebook. People use FB to entertain themselves, and that can be done perfectly with a short, engaging video. The views on Facebook videos are getting doubled with the days. But the tip is to keep the video short as long and boring videos bizarre audience soon. Use powerful visual elements along with the catchy captions and see the results.

4- Act Real:

If you want people to engage with you, you need to connect with them. And that connection comes by adding the emotional element in your post. The original idea of Facebook was to build a friends social circle instead of advertising your brand. If you stick to your product only, that will become boring for people. If you don’t connect with the people, they will be less likely to show interest in your brand.

5- Sponsor the best Content Only:

When you’re running your campaign, you will have an idea what type of content is resonating with your audience. With that in mind, you can decide where to focus your promotion budget. Invest some money on your evergreen content to gain exposure for a broad audience. 

6- Never Ignore the Audience Interaction:

When you launch any campaign on Facebook, and it starts getting the exposure, you’d see the people interactions on the post. They’ll like, comment and share your post. The tip is never to ignore their engagement. If they’re commenting on your post, be quick in replying and reward those who take out the time to show engagement. 

 7- Target the Leads you Already Have:

Do you know the leads you captured through your website or any other resource, you can upload right into Facebook? Yes! Facebook Custom Audiences feature help you to target the leads in a more personalized way. 

8- Hire a Facebook Marketing Expert:

If you’re looking to expand Facebook advertising to a whole new level, a Facebook expert from network marketing Toronto can make it easy for you. They have many tips and tricks to grow your online presence.

9- Engage with Other Pages:

Facebook is a vast community so being neighborly also plays a good role in extending your target market. When you interact with other pages with thoughtful comments that are seen by your target audience, your reach and visibility become more viable.

10- Choose the Best Cover Photo for your Page:

When people come to your page, the first thing they see is the Facebook cover photo. A powerful cover photo will play a key role in engaging customers and building a community. So, optimize and scale your cover photo to your audience requirements perfectly.

Irfan Ak is a digital marketing agency consultant and a blogger. Currently, he’s associated with web design company He is a passionate digital strategist. He has worked with various other brands and create value for them.

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