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Optimizing Facebook and Instagram Advertising to Promote Your Business

Optimizing Facebook and Instagram Advertising to Promote Your BusinessSmartphones, tablets, laptops, and other digital devicesprovide modern channels for people to meet anywhere they could be. As these devices continue to soar, so is social media marketing. Two of the most known are Facebook and Instagram advertising. These two are essentials in making your brand succeed in a competitive business environment.

Social media marketing is an effective platform for creating awareness of your brand. It can allow you to engage with new and existing consumers alike. Moreover, it can also produce quality leads that can help your bottom line.

Is Facebook and Instagram Advertising Worth It?

Facebook (FB) and Instagram (IG) are social media sites that cater to many users. You can find almost three billion active users in the former and over one billion active users for IG. Although you can find other social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn, more regular people connect to these two. With the vast number of users, you can find your target audience target on these sites. Studies show that an average person spends approximatelymore than 2 hours a day on social channels.

Product placement on Facebook and Instagram is usually worth it. You can find here a vastnumber of businesses that advertise their products or services. You might be skeptical about running ads on Facebook because of competition. However, many have been successful in doing so. Facebook and Instagram advertising can give you high ROI and a higher click-through, conversion rate, and a lower cost.

Moreover, these days, Instagram has seen significant increases in followers, a rise in purchase intent, and a reach of an extraordinary vast amount of users. If you want to market your products or services online, these two platforms are definitely worth your time.

How To Optimize Facebook And Instagram Advertising Campaigns

Before you set up your advertising campaigns, it is essential to make sure that your page is ready.  People can develop fast opinions, so you need to create an impact in just a few seconds. Otherwise, people get bored and abandon your pages on Facebook and Instagram for good.

1.  Work On Your Social Profiles

When you launch a Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign, you ought to be sure that you optimize your profiles. You must have crisp images, high-quality graphics, and quality videos from some of the best video editing software. You must ensure your bio, slogan, address, and contact details are visible and represent the most recent information accessible. It is essential as well that there is consistency between your social media pages like FB and IG. Your audience should find a connection between your social profiles, your products, and even your website.

2.  Set Your Goals

Consider what action you expect your viewers to take after watching your advertising campaign. Once you have your targets in mind, you may pick a campaign purpose essential to your expectations. Campaign goals can involve bringing people to recognize your products or services, increase traffic to your website or local shop, or sign up for your newsletter.

3.  Monitor Your Advertising Campaigns’ Performance

Ensure that you monitor and track your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns. These social media platforms already have built-in analytics that you can take advantage of. When you like more comprehensive dashboards, you can link Google Data Studio and other tools like Supermetrics to verify your data, render graphs, and even let you understand the story your numbers are telling.

You may choose to only view campaigns depending on the date, purpose, or metric you want to select. You may also pick several dates or match two date ranges to compare. A month-by-month view of your ad campaign can give you an overview of your Facebook and Instagram advertising journey. Understanding your analytics can help adjust your campaign based on the reaction from your audience. It will help you find the best tactic and approach that will make your campaigns more effective.

4.  Use CTAs

You could realign your ad strategy with your target and mission by developing Call-To-Action (CTA). CTAs help improves your conversion rate, and addCTAs where necessary can enhance the chances of receiving clicks and shares. It directs your audience to what you exactly want them to do. The best CTAs can include Download Now, Contact Us, See How, Sign Up, Register, Email Us, or Arrange a Schedule. However, you should note that it is not appropriate to have a long and wordy CTA. Avoid misleading CTAs as well as making a complicated flow in the funnel.

5.  Advertise To The Right People

You can effectively use Facebook and Instagram advertising to attract your desired audience. Moreover, it can allow you to target even those outside your identified prospects. Always keep in mind, some users have viewed or interacted with your profile on Facebook or Instagram account. Since these people are already interested in your product or service, you can easily convert them into sales. Through Facebook and Instagram, you can direct message anyone who shows interest in what you offer. Doing these can make your small business enterprise prosper even without spending too much on your budget.

7.  Do A/B Test

Tracking your campaigns can help you fine-tune business decisions. To explain brand ad purchasing on Facebook and Instagram, you can set up a control experiment for your business. You can do an A/B test as it can give straightforward access to the outcomes of a campaign.

Moreover, you can do an  A/B testfrom creative posts to landing pages to different CTAs and different targets to see which resonates the most. Create many versions of each advertisement campaign. Switch out the one that is doing the worst with the one that is providing the highest result. Do these tests for at least a month to gather enough data to make awell-informed decision.

8.  Do Ad Targeting

After you build your ad plan, you may want to begin targeting. Targeting is the who, what, when, where, and why of your audience. Facebook and Instagram advertising allows you to target various types of audience that resonates to your brand. You can approach users based on the city they reside in, the type of pages they like on Facebook, the people they follow on Instagram, their age, and even ethnicity. You can also check the websites they’ve visited through Facebook and Instagram, and more.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing is not a walk in the park. Many people get discouraged by their previous attempts and deem Facebook and Instagram too daunting. They’ve attempted, but not with any luck. Despite its modest popularity and comparatively low ROI, Facebook and Instagram advertising can still successfully support a program. You just need to find the right way to promote your business on these social platforms.


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