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Web Design Training

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Strictly for those who want to become Webmasters:

You can join the rank of trained Web Site Designers now working around the world, in as little as one month intensive training from Coded Webmaster.

Here are just a few of the options available when you complete your course.


  • Design state-of-the-art web pages for an internet firms.
  • Be contracted by banks, churches and other corporations to design their home page.
  • Learn creative, interactive and innovative web design techniques.
  • Start your own web design business -work at home and be your own boss.



Basic Web Design Course include three (3) packages designed to take you step by step through the techniques and skills you will employ in your new career. Your first instruction will start as soon as you enroll – MACRO-MEDIA DREAMWEAVER, SWISHMAX, FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Advanced Web Design Course is designed to take you from intermediate to professional webmaster. After this course, the student will be able to design a dynamic website using the power of PHP/MySQL. You will automatically become a database administrator. Your program includes – MACRO-MEDIA DREAMWEAVER, PHP/MySQL, PHPMyADMIN, SWISHMAX, FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Just consider yourself a Professional Webmaster after this course. Additionally, we will teach you all you need to know to create an interactive website. Now, even if you don’t know how to hold the mouse, we will take you from bottom to the top if you are determined to become a Webmaster.

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