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How to increase Instagram followers in 2018? 

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How to increase Instagram followers in 2018? 

Instagram Social Networking app shares your followers sharing text, image, and video with their smartphone. Just like Facebook and Twitter.
Instagram is not only fun, but it has become a serious digital marketing platform, which creates audiences for individuals and brands.
Large companies like Starbucks, Intel, American Express, Audi, Redbull etc. use Instagram to promote their brand.
According to research, the average Instagram link for brands was 58 times more than Facebook for 2014.
Of course, 58 times more engagement looks great, you have to work a lot harder to bat to achieve it, because the competition is increasing every day.

If you want to get more followers on Instagram this year, just follow these steps.

1] Cross-Promote Your Hash Tag?

This is good if you are using #firebottyips if you name the company’s fair beauty tips. But who knows how to use it to share your company counts? Make sure you are using the brand hashtag in your profile.
Now come back to promote the cross, use the famous brand hashtag as your brand or you can use the viral hashtag. This will bring you brand in search, from there you can increase Instagram followers.


How To Increase Instagram Followers 2018

2] Get descriptive with your caption

A picture over thousands of words, but you can not leave it completely. Caption helps to describe your picture to get more engagement. So you should write a caption describing your picture with your brand, this strategy will increase your Instagram followers.

3] Delete unwanted tags from your profile

If you really want your followers to increase the Instagram followers rather than delete the unwanted tags to show the best user-generated content about you and your brand. You can now easily go to “edit tag” and select the one you want to remove and select “hide from profile”

4] Approve photo tags before showing on your profile

Instead of removing unwanted photo tags from your profile, only allow the desired photo tag. You can automatically go to “Instagram settings”> “Options”> “Photos of you”> “Manually add”

5] Make your most bio URLs

Bio has the option of Instagram. This is the only place where you can put your website URL, so you should maximize it. Using this option, you can attract maximum traffic to your website, do not forget to change this link or URL weekly, users who see the same URL are bored for them. Then enter the newly posted article URL in Bio. Apart from this, write brief description by telling you about your brand.

How To Increase Instagram Followers 2018

6] Participating in widely popular conversations

There are many large Instagram users with millions of followers. Try to participate or comment on your photos to increase your brand awareness with people participating in that conversation.

7] Update your Instagram Story Daily with Quality Content

To increase your Instagram followers, you should update your Instagram stories with a great piece of content, it helps to keep an eye on Instagram users and turns viewers into new followers.

8] Add hashtags and place in your Instagram stories.

Try adding popular or related hashtags and locations on your Instagram stories. You can easily add location stickers and places easily. If you search for a particular place, location support in the case of your search.

9] Regularly check your opponent

In order to rank your opponent, you should check your competitors, which new strategies you are applying to get followers, you can follow their strategy too. The one thing you can do is that you can go to their profile and click on Post Notification. Because of this, you will get a notification whenever your opponent shares new content.

10] Develop your style on Instagram

Try to crack your style on Instagram. Users like to see unique quality content, the brand Coco-Cola has created its unique visual content. Whenever the user sees coco-cola in their feed, it can be easily identified, they check it.

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11] Create a business profile

If you have a business and want to get promoted, then create a business profile. Before launching an Instagram business profile, the only way to engage followers with your business was to click on the website link in the profile. Once you provide your business details, the business account will be created.

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