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How to re-market leads who won’t respond to your emails through gmail ads

You may possibly have experienced those email advertisements on the very top of the Gmail inbox tabs.  Known as Gmail Advertising (or previously, Google Sponsored Promotions), a few of those advertisements might be expanded into full-screen promotions that appear to be emails that are actual.  A clicked inbound marketing strategy can expand right into email-sized…

How has email marketing reinvented itself to become the highest ROI generating tool?

Email marketing campaigns remain one of the least expensive but highly profitable marketing techniques today. Nonetheless, several small businesses refrain from integrating email marketing techniques into their daily marketing practices. It is a common belief that it is labor-intensive and it demands a lot of time compared to the other contemporary online marketing techniques. It…

The reasons why email marketing is still much relevant today

Digital marketing has evolved with time, and the advent of the social media has revolutionized the approach to inbound marketing.  The ever-increasing influence of social media has brought about a complete makeover in the marketing world. The dominance of social media on digital marketing may seem so overwhelming that email marketing appears to lose its…

Email Marketing

The Best Email Marketing Strategies for 2017

Email has the ability that many other marketing channels does not have. It has been a long time that we hear about the failure of emails or email marketing. Do you hear something that email is dead? We know that your answer will be a big no. Instead of criticizing email marketing, all the email…

Boost Your Mobile Marketing

Seven Strategies to Boost Your Mobile Marketing in 2016

Mobile marketing has changed. Advanced consumers, mobile technology, wearables, AI and environmental sensors have reworked the smartphone’s baseline offers, and big-time marketing professionals are powering the revolution beyond basic SMS marketing schemes. 2016 will be exciting for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. Already, consumers are receiving awesome benefits from mobile strategies, and the world’s emergent trends,…

Multi-Platform Marketing Strategies

Multi-Platform Marketing Strategies

Cross-platform marketing is essential in today’s multifaceted marketplace. If you aren’t utilizing the vast wealth of media available, you’re missing out on tremendous opportunities. There is no one-size-fits-all marketing approach, but there are a few universal truths that should be heeded when undertaking any multi-platform strategy. No matter where you are in the marketing process,…

How to Add Email Signature1

How to Add Email Signature to your Webmail

How to Add Email Signature to Webmail Hello Stanislaus, how do I add email signature to my webmail? Before I go ahead to show you how to add Email signature to your email I want to say that email signature is a creative way to shows professionalism in email, also show your openness to communicate, it promotes…

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