How to Add Email Signature to your Webmail

How to Add Email Signature to Webmail
How to Add Email Signature to Webmail

Hello Stanislaus, how do I add email signature to my webmail? Before I go ahead to show you how to add Email signature to your email I want to say that email signature is a creative way to shows professionalism in email, also show your openness to communicate, it promotes your short-biography and also act as a business card.

I want to show you step by step  – how to add email signature to your webmail and I assume you are using Roundcube to read your mail.

Step 1: Log in to your email

Once you log in, click on Squirrel Mail, Click on Setting on top right hand side.

How to Add Email Signature1









Step 2: Click on Identities on the left hand side

How to Add Email Signature2









Step 4: After clicking on Identities

The screenshot below will show …

How to Add Email Signature3










Click on the email address and fill the form on the right hand side. After filling the form, click on save.

More update coming soon…

Using image as email signature

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