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Want to get high ranking within a short span of time? Try these 6 email marketing tips!

Is there a link between SEO and email? Most of us overlook this link at first glance! However, these two platforms do share a connection. Emails assist in enhancing SEO along with website rankings in several ways. Email and organic search are two principal factors that generate maximum traffic to sites. Based on Conductor research, about 51% of people land up on new websites via email marketing.

Email directly doesn’t have a connection with the search engine to influence SEO rankings. It can be done through micro-blogging sites and social media. However, email marketing is still efficient in motivating others to enhance your website rankings.

So, do you want to get increased ranking within a minimum time? Here are few useful email marketing tactics to apply and attain beneficial results.

Generate increased social signals

 Though Google never publicly admitted it, in reality, the social activity of a link hugely impacts its ranking on Google. Based on a research done on 23 million shares, the top four ranks on Google is said to be the ones with a maximum of Google+ and Facebook activity. Hence, social signals have a crucial role to play in SEO. Sometimes, marketers overlook this aspect.

However, to be able to encourage people to share your content via social media channels is the tough part. When you have an email list, this job becomes easy to accomplish.

The moment your new blog is published, it’s a smart call to send a newsletter to your loyal subscribers. You may request them to share the link. Alternatively, you can also add a social sharing option to the emails that make this sharing easy for your followers. If you want professional assistance, you can reach out to ace service providers like Maison Tulip SEO Agency and others.

Minimize the bounce rates

 Website bounce rate is another aspect that impacts Google ranking. The bounce rate decides whether a website is providing vital data to the online visitors. When an online viewer after reaching a web page leaves without any additional pages or taking action, the act is called a bounce.

Landing pages and blog posts with increased bounce rates naturally gets a low rank on Google, regardless of the way it’s optimized for search engines. The ideal way to avert this is by generating good quality content which will engage more users.

Hence, it’s crucial to get an email list of all the people that have shown an initial interest in your site or your blog. You can email these people reminding them about your website offers or new blog posts as this will minimize the bounce rate and will also generate high-end traffic to your website. To check the present bounce rate of your site, you may use Google Analytics Tool as well.

Generate an online email archive

 Several business owners and bloggers curate distinctive email newsletters so that the email subscribers are engaged. Chances are after you’ve sent it, the majority of it is not sent. There are ways in which you can rephrase these emails. This will enable you to enhance SEO.

The way out is to have an online archive of email newsletters. This will enable your site visitors to browse through all your earlier newsletters. It’s a smart strategy that allows you to leverage all your efforts. Furthermore, convert all your email newsletters to PDF files to host them on the site. You’ll have more scopes to get the newsletters indexed on Google.

Request for a product review

 Are you a business or retail store owner with a local audience as your target? You ought to enhance your local search ranking. The number and quality of reviews your business has will impact 13% of your local search ranking. Wondering what the simplest way to attain more reviews is? You merely need to ask your audience for the same.

Go ahead and add a link to the Google My Business page and gently request your email subscribers to review and rate your business. Do this whenever you send the email newsletter. Do you want to add testimonials and reviews on your landing page, product page, and the website? If yes, you can use email for this purpose as well.

Generate better content

 It has become more critical than ever to build an email list. It is also a place that offers you better data about your target audience. For instance, you have the chance to use this list to generate specific individual groups to know more about people, their education, location, job titles, interests, gender and added details about the subscribers.

Alternatively, you can also organize polls and surveys with the email list to know more about the questions that people have. All these data can be used to curate better content. So, you can generate better video content and blog posts to attract your best customers. It will enable you to rank well on Google as well.

Locate every customer touchpoint

 It could be that your leads and customers might be getting emails from or about you, which you probably didn’t send. Is that even possible?

Several business houses make use of third parties for sending transactional email. It brings ease to sending monthly invoices and webinar confirmations. However, it can also be a missed marketing scope. And it could also represent your brand in a negative light. Hence, it’s crucial to identify every consumer touch point.

For a long time,business owners, start-ups and established organizations have counted on email as a mode of communication for business data. Over the years it has been a potent marketing tool as well. Hence, many businesses have used it to promote their service and product. Today, with the online market being stiff with competition, business houses are going all out to capture additional rankings and market share. It is here that you can use email marketing to connect with other blogs, influences, and websites. It will enable you to develop awareness and enhance your business. Using these smart email marketing tactics, you can amp up your rankings.



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