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Email Marketing

The Best Email Marketing Strategies for 2017

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Email-MarketingEmail has the ability that many other marketing channels does not have. It has been a long time that we hear about the failure of emails or email marketing. Do you hear something that email is dead? We know that your answer will be a big no. Instead of criticizing email marketing, all the email marketers admit that it is a smarter, faster and stronger medium that accomplishes the need of email campaigning. To be more clear, it is appreciated by big brands as the best channel for delivering the right information to the right individuals at the right time. This is how, it creates positive vibes in marketers that are regardless of their industry, technical ability and affordability.

Due to the immense admiration and recognition, email marketing has become the prime need of the marketers and also it continues to be the topmost marketing strategies that will be adopted by almost all the small, medium and big enterprises. There are some predictions of how email marketing will survive in future or in coming years? To make the view clear, it can be stated that users can expect much better strategies for their email campaigns as the marketing experts keep on doing research to make the email marketing a prior and the best promotional channel.

Some promises which can be reflected in the email campaigns in 2017 are described below. Have a glance on these:

Data-driven email campaigns

Data science is a powerful alternate which makes email marketing more powerful. It is the best and so powering better personalization and automation. Maintaining massive data has been a trend that is growing year by year. But, now it has been improved up to an extent that a large community of marketers will focus on the feeding and care of their data-driven marketing. With this change in the strategy marketers will not only rely on the implied responses, but also they will make more strategic and appropriate use of the readers’ expressed preferences. Apart from this, marketers also promised to expand their data collection scope by regularly updating and optimizing the automated emails generated through the regular enquiries.

Marketing automation will play a big role

Basically, the major objective of email marketing is to send the business messages to the right people and at the right time. Through a specific automation software or tool, this type of information takes place to the inboxes the users. This has helped market professionals a lot in sending important information to the targeted customers and there is no doubt that it’s going to be better in 2017. Automation in email marketing is coming up with the additional features which include time optimized message forwarding and advanced segmentation. This will assist marketers in analyzing not just what is inside the message, but who will receive it and at what time.

Enhanced layouts and designs will be there

After recognizing the previous improvements in the email designs and layouts, users can wholeheartedly believe that there will be the certain changes and enhancements in the designs of emails and their templates. In 2017, marketers planned to execute a new strategy of connecting all developers, designers and content creators together in order to develop the templates they exactly want to use for their email campaigns. This is going to rock the marketing domain, as the marketers will get huge hits and likes through their modular templates designed by integrating advanced and interactive functionality. Moreover, the major fact that attracts readers towards the information is the precise, simple and meaningful content inserted in the email templates to be forwarded.

Integrating behavioral data will help

As per the surveys done, it has been recognized that a wide number of users are getting involved in doing things online. So, it is mandatory for the marketers to track the behavioral activities of the users. They must maintain the new devices and tools that are capable of analyzing the behavioral actions of the users such as apps downloaded, website visited and games played. Maintaining behavioral data is highly valuable to the marketing experts as it provides the exact information that anything cannot do. By integrating this tactic into the marketing strategies, marketers will definitely get enabled to enhance user engagement and key performances throughout the campaign.

High security and privacy

Owing to the increasing competition and online business demand, email marketing has become crucial for the success of the business. But, there are many disadvantages if you do it in a wrong way. So, keep your strategy powerful and robust and try not to get highlighted in cases of sending emails that are illogical and useless. This is the 21st century and today user is very smart. From the security point of view, they install the plugins which restrict unwanted ads and emails and stored them in their spam filters. In order to grab user’s attention, marketing experts are trying to design the email templates that are unique and contains relevant information so the reader can’t take his eye off until the message gets end. This will be a big revolution in 2017.

Conclusively, the aforementioned changes are expected to come in 2017. Marketers consider these evolutions as a magical leap which is not true. All these strategies have been implementing over the years, above mentioned are some improvements that are going to rule in upcoming years.

So, if you haven’t plan or developed a full-proof strategy for your email campaign, you can fall down in front of others competing with robust marketing strategies. You are not too late, you can start from now. What you need is just a responsive and interactive email template that can break all the walls and help to promote your services & products across the globe.

Author Bio: Andrew Hudson is a marketing head in EmailChopper, one of the well-known email template design company. He has mastered in implementing various marketing tactics trending across the market and loves to share his experiences with the people who are conscious in making their marketing campaign successful.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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