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Top 11 Proven Strategies to Enhance Your Revenue with Google Advertising

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Are you using Google marketing tools? If you are not using it, then your marketing strategy needs to be rewired for a higher conversion rate. 

Google has today the world’s best and state of the art advanced marketing tools. Moreover, they are easy to use, offer great insights, and you don’t even have to go through any skill-improvement course!

There is a fine line between using Google AdWords and using them accurately to churn out efficient results for marketing campaigns. 

There is misinformation around the web; anyone who knows a thing or two about it likes to advocate insufficient information. It leads to vague and poor use of the strategy.

Right tactics help in achieving the goals for your social media campaigns. So let’s take a deep dive into the world of Google advertising and select the appropriate tactics to improve business revenue as it is strongly recommended by a famous Google AdWords advertising company.

11 Tested Ways To Boost Google AdWord Revenue

Google AdWord Revenue

Optimize For Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are a big no for paid ad campaigns. But you cannot stop people from searching for freebies. Keywords like free and jobs can impact your google ads campaigns. 

These terms state that a user is searching for a free version of product and service or is a job seeker. In neither situation, you will be earning any customer lead and conversions.

So, it is crucial to optimize your Google ads for such negative keywords and helps you in avoiding the wastage budget.

It helps in maintaining a laser focus on your potential business prospects, and your money is invested solely where you want to. 

Understand The Quality Score

There are various factors that lead to the improvisation of quality score in a subtle or apparent manner. But, you should know the meaning of it. It is Google’s method of rating the quality of the keywords used, the relevancy of the keywords used and PPC ads.

The quality score has the potential to make or break the cost-effectiveness of PPC ads.


In a case, if you are providing a poor quality experience, Google deems you as a useless source of its audience. Thus, you will be paying a higher fee to stay on top of SERP.

Either you cancel your campaign or revamp your mistake.

Remove Any Duplicate Keywords

Non-removal of duplicate keywords means influence on the overall performance in a negative way. The tracking and indexing of your business for a particular keyword get violated.  

The robust optimization cannot be underestimated in Google Adwords.

Bid On Competitors’ Name

Google AdWords gives the liberty to bid on a competitor’s name. This helps your business to approach a potential customer and acknowledge them that you have worth to check-out.

There are some protocols that Google has defined to use this strategy. For instance, you cannot use a competitor’s name in the actual test. Define your unique strategy to reach out to your prospects.

Examine The Quality score of Keywords

Google tracks the quality score according to the advertising potential. The prowess of a brand is put in action to determine the Cost Per Click (CPC) for a new keyword.

Each keyword plays a pivotal role in optimizing the overall Google AdWord cost. Keywords with a low score can be improved with relevant usage on landing pages and in the ad copy. 

Size of Ad Group Matters

When ad groups go beyond the word limit of 2 dozen words, it can potentially hinder the performance of your ad. 

Keep in mind that Ad text and landing pages have the relevancy factor. If the size of an ad group is large, divide it into two groups. This will lead to engaging and custom experience for a user.  

Research About The Higher Conversion Rate Keywords

Higher Conversion Rate

It is good to track the performance of your Google Ad keywords. Also, try to have a two-pronged approach and research things from another perspective as well. 

Discover what keywords people type while visiting on your landing page and converting. 

These new keywords and terms help you to broaden the spectrum of your campaign. Such tactics can help you to improve the performance of your Ad copies.

Remove The Ads That Are Poor Performer

You are the captain of your Ad campaign ship. You must assure that no keyword should be taking up space and draining your budget. 

Keep a frequent performance check of various Ad campaigns and eliminate the ones who aren’t performing to the set standards.

Conversion rate and click-through rate are useful ways to determine the ads that require a change or rejection.

Use AdWords To Blur The Organic Searchability Gap

The most common and popular keywords pose a more significant challenge for brands to rank higher. Organic search and ranking is a game of patience and efforts. 

On the other hand, you have Google Adwords option, which gives you instantaneous results for rankings, traffic, CTR and conversion rate.

You can assimilate the data about the reaction and response of the audience for your landing pages when they reach through Google ads.

Consequently, you can improve, modify or revamp the tactic for better engagements and CTRs.

Relevant Landing Pages To Google Ads

Every landing page must have appropriate information and aligns with the needs of a user. Brainstorm what people want to see and how the design of a web page can be more engrossing.

Otherwise, you may experience higher bounce rates, and your PPC Ad budget is a sheer waste.

Right design aligning with the right Ad and customer arriving at the right place is what you and your audience want.

Bottom Line

Anyone can draft a Google Advertisement, but it takes technical understanding and a handful of tricks and tactics to create a conversion-oriented Ad.

Our tips have all the essential strategies that you will ever need to create a highly effective ad today.

What are the strategies that you use in creating a Google Ad? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below. Happy reading fellas.

Morris Edwards is a web developer & marketing strategist who works with Awebstar, A top-rated logo designing company in Singapore. Apart from this, he loves to write blogs on web design, SEO & internet marketing.

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