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Web Technologies That You Need To Know In 2020

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it outsourcing company indiaTime and Technology wait for none. Yes, you read it right “Time and Technology”. The fast-pace of development in the modern era especially in the context of technologies has revolutionized the way we transact in our day to day life.

The fact that a new technology becomes outdated or old in a matter of few days, weeks or months highlights the pace of development in the technological world. Talking of technological advancement we can’t miss the domain of web technologies. Web technologies are expanding as fast as they could. And for someone who is the domain of web development and design getting in touch with these new technologies becomes all the more important.

This becomes all the more important if you are looking to make a career in the domain of web technologies and are looking to join a it outsourcing company india. Web outsourcing companies prefer candidates with a good grasp over modern and advanced technologies in the domain when it comes to hiring.

So, if you are someone who is looking to get a job in the domain or someone who has that knack for knowing about new technologies then guess what? We have brought some really exciting stuff for you guys. We would now discuss some of the latest and effective web technologies that you can’t miss to checkout in 2020. So, just sit back relax and read through.

Artificial Intelligence

Gone are the days when Artificial Intelligence was just a thought. Nowadays it has become a full-fledged technology. The chatbots that we see at the corner of the website are a good example of the development effect of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. Furthermore, the voice assistants and the Alexa and Siri are nothing else but the marvels of AI. In 2019 the AI technology would get a push forward and we would see it expanding its horizon, scope, and scale. So, watch out for the AI.

Mobile Friendliness

The share of mobile users in overall traffic generation and the percentage of users preferring for a mobile version of a website is something that’s not hidden from anyone. Mobile-friendliness of web technologies might sound a thing of past but believe us it’s still an emerging domain. To enhance the marketability of the website and to offer users a real soothing of web technologies would see some new advancements this year. So, keep your eyes open for the upcoming mobile-friendly technologies.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is something that’s going to stay till the time the web and internet domain exists. Making the contents like websites, apps, data, etc cyber secure is one common demand that we see these days both at the individual and corporate level. Since it’s about privacy nobody wants to take a risk with the cyberspace of there own. In 2019 we can see a host of cyber-secure web technologies that can offer more enhanced protection from outside intrusions. Thus, in 2020 you can expect the cyber world to become more secure then what it was 2019.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual reality are the two terms that have created the buzz in the past few years. As the efficacy of these technologies apart from gaming ane entertainment domains are assessed there would be enhancement and development in this direction. Virtual reality and Augmented reality have shown potential in domains like medicine and research. In 2020 we can expect advancements in these technologies as per the emerging demand and needs.


Blockchain has been the word in 2018. So, far associated with the Bitcoin or electronic currency domain the technology has got the recognition of its own. In general term, the blockchain can be defined as a decentralized electronic ledger where high-level transparency of records can be made. The efficacy of this technology has already been talked about and in the coming time we would see the blockchain technology being adopted in various domains to:

  • Lower transaction cost
  • Enhanced cash flow
  • Enhance transparency
  • Build trust

Thus, we can say that blockchain would be the technology which is expected to make most of the advancement in 2020. Thus, keep an eye on blockchain technological development and learn the nitty-gritty of this valuable technology this year.

Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow.

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