Why Email Marketing is Important in 2014

The modern marketing strategy has taken a new path with the new email marketing. Since, almost everyone is always busy with internet, many marketing strategies have come out. Many entrepreneurs have realized the importance of that and started adapting new techniques of the internet marketing strategy. Among various techniques email marketing is becoming immensely popular with nearly every business type. Now this has become much more than just sending bulk emails to promote featured products. It is important to realize the most effective way to drag business and use it in your way. Or else, it does not mean anything for your business, simply a waste of time. Sometimes, you have to face negative consequences for the incorrect way of using. Your customers might feel this is annoying to see their email full of junk emails and won’t even look at it. There are many internet marketing channels to promote your business online like SEO, PPC, and social media campaign. The email marketing is also changing accordingly; more than 50 percent of marketers are starting to invest in this popular commerce. Since, technology is changing over and over, new strategies have come out this year. So, we shall discuss what are the techniques and priorities for 2014 and its effects for the business.
The world is now moving towards mobile internet. It has become necessary to optimize emails for mobile. Just make sure your marketing emails should reach visitors on their mobile (means it should be easily clicked and readable). About 50 percent of mail users delete their emails that is not compatible for their mobile device. Trigger based marketing, is another way for those who use advanced email software. It is thoroughly involved in subscriber management by sending subscribers automatic mails related to previous brand engagement. For 2014, personalized emails has able to achieve unique business programs. It lifts transaction revenue and rates. When compared to bulk email campaigns, personalized mails have successfully doubled the open rates for business by resulting more revenue per message. People are talking more about the power of data in emails which offers insight to subscriber preference and habits. Another popular technique of this year is making segment email lists. Because of the smaller segments in messages people are showing much interest, it drives more customer engagement by leading towards new conversations. Make a clear and focused email strategy that should boost ROI. Design your content, subject lines, email design, the action button will help you to drag more customers this year.

Target specific techniques, demographics with more engaging message with useful content. People are getting so much email now-a-days in their inbox that they hardly read any of them. Sao try creating your email more creative, descriptive and eye-captive. Start developing a personal connection with your regular subscribers and engage them with more relevant messages with their habits and preferences. It has become vitally important to your marketing mix to create a well-defined strategy your email marketing for your customers. Be unique with your brand and let them know who you are. Drive success from your business by keeping your customers engaged with your latest offerings.

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