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How to Make It Easy for YouTube & Viewers to Understand Your Videos!

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A video is the best way to capturing the attention of your audience. If you want to take full advantage of every chance to deliver your message, just go to YouTube! YouTube offers you everything virtually, ranging from the news or the latest updates tech world, vines to movies. But the most important thing is that any videos on YouTube, just like websites, also require search engine optimization (SEO) to magnetize viewers.

It’s a truth that YouTube’s use of algorithms and codes are not as superior as Google’s for analytically organizing content on the World Wide Web, but YouTube does offer bracing elements to increase your business growth and raise your rankings. Promotion through YouTube is a best way to decrease your marketing expenses in comparison of generic TV advertisements. Many big or small companies have linked their business websites with YouTube and other Social Media Pages. Here are a few basic points to improve your views rating on YouTube.

How to make it easy for YouTube & viewers to understand your videos!


When people look for the videos they want to see, the first step they charge at is the title of the video. The more appropriate the title is to your viewers, the more possibilities it is to show up in search results and the more possibilities it is to be watched, subscribed, liked, and shared. Keep the title short – about not more than 60 characters. The point of YouTube is to not have to read about it, in spite of everything!


Videos which are long (running 20 minutes or more) rely more a lot on descriptions in comparison of shorter videos. Because no one is heading for watch a 1-hour video based only on the title. So, always viewers want to know more about the content in the video before investing their precious time and data charge, description of the video give an idea, what they are going to view. Just like the title, still, descriptions should be short and appropriate. An outline or a couple sentences of clear explanation is excellent. Not to forget to include the relevant keywords you think viewers will be searching.


Tags are necessary for YouTube videos. The tags spell out what the video is all about and what genre it fits into. Try entering some of your keywords to see if any related tags are already in use. This will facilitate to link your video to other videos of the same category so more concerned viewers will watch yours next, even if they don’t get it through their first YouTube search.

Likes and Comments

Reactions of the viewers evaluate a lot into the ranking of every video on YouTube. If your video is informative, content-rich, enjoyable, or no matter what viewers want to see, you’ll build up like & comments. The more like & comments you get, the more the video ranking improves. If your video generates conversation in the comments section, even better. The more views these make, the more subscribers you acquire and on the cycle goes!

Duration of the video

The duration of the video depends a lot on the genre. For example, TV shows and lectures do pretty much from 30 minute to an hour or maybe longer. Top 10’s type and prank videos are prepared for viewers with short durations spans: 5 – 10 minutes. With the appropriate title, short description, and tagging, the duration of your video should be taken into account with consideration to what your viewers are looking for.

Subtitles and Closed Captions

A hidden secret in YouTube for better video promotion is the text embedded as subtitles and closed captioning. You can upload text scripts for this function, and only for YouTube, but other major search engines can pick on the clues therein.

Video Links

Screen after video ending is a great opportunity to boost your content through the network effect: each view on one video gives a possibility to get a viewer on another video and so on. With on-screen links, viewers can go directly to a new YouTube video related to their interests. For example, there is a link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTWO9Dt6vHJafINhxd0vh7g at here you can view the videos of residential & commercial projects posted by Hco Real Estates. At the end of every video, a new video or links open automatically which is related to the real estate.

Create your own Playlist

Channel Administrators can now modify their channels by adding a featured playlists which are a group of YouTube videos. If a viewer likes your channel, he can subscribe to a playlist. So, at any time you upload a new video to that certain playlist, the subscriber will be alert by the notification. These playlists can contain anybody’s videos and do not only have to be your own videos, thus, making any YouTube video available to any playlist regardless of whom posts it.  As Playlists get indexed individually from individual videos, they may emerge in repetition in the search result on YouTube.

Video Annotations

Video Annotations is a moving function for adding interactive comments to videos. You can simply insert a speech bubble, a note, a heading, a spotlight, or just pause the video at the right time. Even if, many companies do not consider this utility very professional, but it is useful to users. Annotations can be also linked to other videos, associated videos, your playlist, and your channel. They are absolutely going to boost your rankings.

Link Your Social Profiles

Sharing on other social media platforms can viral your videos, so sharing should not be limited only to YouTube. You can share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitters. Links to other social networking platforms can be positioned on your channel page. Linking with other social media platform shows a sense of social professionalism which will guarantee your channel subscribers to come back. Contact with your viewers will make them want to watch your videos much more.

In few words, don’t depend on the common marketing strategies. YouTube can be your best essential tool to boost your rankings.

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