Tools to Create a Social Media Buzz At Events

If you are hosting events, it is important to create a social media buzz that would attract a large number of visitors. The majority of people are members of the social sites and they form impart part of the potential customer’s group. You can also promote the launch of the products and services by using the following tools:
Slide share is the best bet for the users:

1. Slide share is the best bet for the users:

Slide share is a tool of the social media site called LinkedIn can target the niche audiences with the capability to upload and edit the contents. Powerful presentation when shared on the site goes a long way in attracting the attention of the people. Some of the social links include Google+, Facebook, however, the real game changer is the presence of I frame technology. In addition, shortcodes service can also be availed to share the work.

Some of its usage in a nutshell is,

  • You can build your brand with the already established audience.
  • Grow your followers.
  • If you have a website, you can get traffic.
  • You can also promote your event through the video presentation.

2. Slideboom:

The tool is known to convert powerpoint presentation into flash for the creation of impressive content. Once the movie is created, it can be easily shared on the social media with friends and colleagues. The most important attribute of the boom is that it helps the users to find the right audiences. Uploading the presentation is a simple task with the freedom to set the image compression and resolution attributes.

It empowers you with some of these features,

  • You can share your presentation privately on the web. It will give you a secret URL which you can use to share it with the places you want.
  • It consist of Powerpoint add-ins to enhance your presentations.
  • It also enables you to use graphical annotations on your slides with a marker.
  • A pro account with Slideboom allows you to restrict your content from any unauthorized views.

3. Prezi is the way to go:

Gone are the days when you had to look for effective content sharing tool. Prezi provides right option for the users according to their requirements and specifications. One can search the knowledgebase and put up the presentation on the social media websites for the users to see. Public account of the tools is absolutely free as they can also be used as effective marketing tools. Information about the events can be included in the presentation to deliver sterling results to the users.

Let’s see some of the features of Prezi,

  • You can import your powerpoint slides easily.
  • You can embed a video very easily with Prezi. The feature is also with powerpoint but the one with prezi is something more interactive.
  • You can also have easy access from iphones and ipads.

4. Slide snack:

The application is another feather in the cap of the slide series. It helps to share the presentation along with the voices right on Twitter, Tumblr, Hi5, and youtube. Prior to starting the process, the users need to select the template for the slides. Thereafter, it is vital to include documents and customization procedure to grab the eyeballs in the virtual space. You can also create slide casts and export the same to the various social sites. Once shared, they are bound to make the events become viral on the internet.

Some of its features to be noted are,

  • It has high customizable presentation templates.
  • It also has the capability to record voiceover capabilities.
  • Very supportive for HTML and Flash websites.
  • No restriction in the number of presentation.

5. Powtoon:

Considered as one of the most important tools, the PowToon is known to market videos related to the events on the social; media. The branded content is shared among the prospects and the clients. A product launch is professionals created with the PowToon application and can instantly capture the psyche of the target audiences. The content is highly interactive, thereby making the sharing process quite successful among the users. For instance, education lesson for the kids on PowToon can do wonders both in terms of the developing knowledge and independent thinking skills.

Some of its features worth noting are,

  • It is very easy to preview, publish and export.
  • The search function is better than every other function.
  • Integrated powerful spell checker, with contextual detection as well.

6. How magisto is helpful:

If you want to strike a rapport with the social media, Magisto is the way to move forward. In fact, the app allows the clients to synchronize the audio and video content in order to strike emotional connect with the audiences. If the video is shared among the users on the Google and the Facebook, it is bound to create a flutter among the niche audiences. Professional video about the event is highly successful in garnering a huge customer base. Some of the major attributes include easy to use editing tools, captions, and customized branding.

Have a look on these features of Magisto,

  • It is incredibly easy to choose a video, then add a music and theme.
  • It is one of the most preferred movie clip app.
  • It has an incredibly powerful photography app as well.

7. We Video:

It is a new kid on the block but highly effective in disseminating content across the social media. To start with, the users get free cloud access to the media and impeccable voice-over capabilities, Content shot with an ordinary camera is transformed into a powerful movie that has the power to shape the opinion of the audiences. The tool is mighty effective in cases when you are looking to promote innovative products in the market. One of the vital benefits of using the WeVideo is that it makes the editing and sharing process stress-free for the users. You need to click a few buttons and the content pops up like a wildfire on the internet.

Look into wevideos features,

  • It has a multifunctioning Storyboard with Transition and Splitting.
  • A powerful timeline editor.
  • Powered with slim-lined interface.
  • Easy drag and drop console.

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