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SEO Techniques that will Work in 2017

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It goes without saying that 2016 has been a tremendously remarkable year for SEO. We have come across several changes over the past year. Like, Google updated its Penguin 4.0 that runs with its core algorithm now. The dynamic search engine of Google changes it algorithm so frequently that the users are served with more relevant results in real time. Gone are the days when people used to spam and increase their rankings with spammy backlinks. So now, it has been too hard to rank your site on a certain page of search engine if using bad hat techniques.

In this article, we’ll talk about the trending techniques of SEO to rank your website on search engines. Also, you may come to know about the dominating ways in 2017 to rank a site.

  1. Content:

The say “Content in King” is ever green. Since it is the fundamental step that works as a catalyst for SEO, it still dominates. Webmasters fail to create quality content most of the time, which leads them to the failure of their site’s ranking. It is the kind of issue mainly found with the new comers. It is due to the fact that most of them try to create content for search engines, and not for the users. Now, Google considers the content which is also useful and valuable for the users.

  1. HTML Tags:

Proper use of HTML tags are beneficial for your posts. For instance, when you use a good combination of H1, H2, and H3 tags in your posts, anchor text to your appropriate links, use alternative tags in the images, it gets the most desired results. Mostly, bloggers and webmasters make the biggest mistake by don’t try using heading tags in their posts as it works ridiculously. So, it is advisable to use a valid and best combination of these tags.

  1. Mobile Friendly

since we all live in a digitally dominant world where mobile phone are a big part of our day to day lives, it is essential to make your website/blog mobile friendly as well. Mobile friendly sites help a lot in the ranking on search engine result pages. When you use AMP (accelerated mobile pages) to make your website or blog mobile friendly, it takes very less time to load the site on mobile devices. Moreover, AMP removes all the complexities of CSS and JavaScript from your site by creating a simple HTML website for it.

  1. Video Marketing

Visual content always gets the desired results. It plays a vital role in your SEO strategy to gain a maximum amount of visitors. Video marketing helps you in the SEO of your site so you must try using videos in your posts. Considerably, you can start your own YouTube channel.

  1. Backlinks

It won’t be wrong saying that backlinks are considered as a backbone of any site’s SEO strategy. No one can rank their website without a good amount of backlinks from natural and organic sources. Keep in mind that Penguin runs in real time and if it hits your site with poor backlink quality, it won’t perform well on search engine.

  1. Guest Posting and Blog Commenting

Unsurprisingly, guest posting and blog commenting has been two best techniques for increasing the backlink and SEO score of your site. When you submit a guest post on some high authority sites in your niche, it works ideally. Also, blog commenting works effectively to drive traffic to your website or blog. When you leave constructive and relevant comments to the blogs, it helps you increase your site’s traffic immensely.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Although social media doesn’t help you with do-follow links, it is still very much effective in increasing your site’s SEO score. It definitely plays an important role in your SEO strategy as well as web marketing. With the opportunity of targeting your audience according to region, gender, and age; you are also able to increase social signal score of your site. It means when you Semrush, ahrefs, majestic SEO, or Woorank etc. for the evaluation of your site, they count its social score too. So you mustn’t underestimated the power of social media marketing.

  1. Website Loading Speed

Like all the above mentioned techniques, Website loading speed has also a major part in the SEO score of your website. Likewise web users who prefer sites taking less than 2 seconds for loading, Search Google goes for the sites that load fast and perform well. Web loading speed is something that depends on several factors like web designs, CSS, server performance, Javascript etc. since these factors slow down loading speed of your site, it is recommended to use content delivery networks that may improve your website performance.


Experts have considered search engine optimization as one of the strongest tool in terms of optimizing the websites’ overall online reach and online brand integration. While we focus on the changing trends in terms of various SEO techniques, it is quite obvious that trends could have changed over the time but the domain of SEO has contributed endless fruitful results and benefits to various online businesses.

On the other side, it is also evident that both the on-page and off-page aspects are significantly important in terms of creating an absolute balance between the two. Experts now consider tweaking the various technical aspects as the founding pillars and focus on various community based contributions as another strong helping hand towards establishing a good online reputation.

Lastly, these are a few techniques to improve your website’s SEO score in 2017. Since the SEO world keep on changing very frequently, you must adopt these changes ensuring the site complies with the right guidelines.

Author Bio:

Jon Erickson a passionate and full-time blogger. He studied engineering and business at the New York Maritime College. After completing his education, he proceeded with his professional career in a fast and upscale environment. After a decade of his dedicated services, he received an Accredited Life Experience Degree from a reputable university that keeps him motivated towards the work.

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