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Top 7 Best Content Management System For SEO

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A growing number of business owners are preferring Content Management Systems (CMS) for building virtual interfaces and one of the reasons apart from the convenient nature of such products is their ability to integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) options which help in improving the website’s SERP rankings. Some of the best Content Management Systems for SEO are being presented here which will be helpful for any user looking to select one for his/ her interface.

1. WordPress

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular CMS being used for the purpose of web development and hough some experts believe that a couple of other platforms provide better results for SEO, the inherently user friendly and convenient nature of the framework makes it an ideal choice for many users looking for a website that can be easily optimized for search engines. Most owners, even if they do not possess much technical knowledge can easily conduct some minor modifications needed to improve the visibility of an interface. Numerous plugins that can be used for optimizing the content or customizing the permalink structure apart from themes with in- built SEO features are available for people looking to improve the SEO- friendliness of their websites. Many people migrate from other platforms using services which, for example convert HTML to WordPress, to enjoy the immense SEO potential of the platform.

2. Drupal

Another very well known name in the domain, Drupal has been around for about 18 years and is most appropriate for large scale projects. As compared to WordPress, it is much more complex in nature and requires the user to have a sound technical knowledge in order to use it for creation of a web interface. The core theme of the latest version of the CMS is responsive in nature and it also facilitates faster page loading speed which are all helpful features as far as SEO is concerned. There are various modules available for adding functionalities like generation of appropriate URLs or sitemaps in more than one languages, that can help improve the visibility of the website. Conducting modifications to the backend of any virtual interface is easy, provided the person doing it is technically proficient and this feature is also helpful in optimizing the website.

3. ModX

This is another open source CMS helping in development of websites with amazing inherent SEO capabilities. ModX facilitates creation of secure interfaces with semantic structure and URLs that are easily readable and discovered by search engines. With HTML files loading from the database itself, ModX also helps in quick loading of websites apart from offering facilities for easy modification of meta tags and page titles. The platform is extremely simple in nature with a developer using HTML in addition to the custom variables needed for the project. It gives complete control to a user over every aspect of the interface and as there are no complex processes involved, making any modifications for improving the SERP rankings can be easily done.

4. Concrete5

Concrete5, another open source product is one of the best Content Management Systems for SEO with the platform itself optimized for search without the need for any extra code. Generation of XML sitemap, meta tags, descriptions and page titles is a very easy process apart from a bulk SEO tool that lets a user modify the meta description, meta title, keywords and the page slugs of more than one pages from a single place as compared to accessing each one individually through the sitemap. Another very useful feature is the Pretty URLs which makes it easy to personalize URLs by removing “index.php” which makes it easy to recognize by humans as well as search engines. Concrete5 also helps in having a highly productive website by providing options for caching the desired page elements.

5. Magento

A very popular CMS used for building e-commerce websites, Magento helps in creation of highly responsive interfaces with optimum user experience to all owners- whether using the free Community edition or the other paid ones. The platform has all the essential features necessary for optimizing an interface such as URLs without special characters, dynamic sitemap and editing of metadata. The SEO functionalities of any website created with Magento can be enhanced with a number of plugins that are available on the platform. Another notable feature that is helpful to any business owner is the built-in analytics suite that lets him/her gather all data related to website traffic which can be evaluated to identify the areas which need improvement.

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6. Contao

In 2004, the CMS appeared for the first time under the name TYPOlight, which was later changed to Contao. With continuous modifications helping the platform to evolve, the SEO capabilities have also improved, helping in creation of easily optimized virtual interfaces. The framework has some very useful in-built features like generation of search engine friendly URLs and XML sitemap, fully automated metadata, dynamic page titles and a facility for integrating Google Analytics. Fully responsive websites can be created with Contao and if any user desires to enhance the optimization capabilities, useful information can be accessed from tutorials offered by RankingCoach.

7. Joomla

Joomla is also one of the best known open source CMS and though it may not be as user friendly as WordPress, it is also not very difficult for a user to learn the basics of the platform. In the Joomla Global Configuration settings, search engine friendly URLs option can be selected in addition to changing the setting of “Use URL rewriting” to yes so that the URLs are optimized with the removal of random code. Similarly, rather than in built functionalities, the platform depends on plugins to add functionalities that enhance the SEO capability of an interface.


It is imperative for an owner to have an interface that is not only visually appealing but can also be discovered easily by search engines and using any of the platforms mentioned in this list of best Content Management Systems for SEO will help in acquiring an attractive as well as productive website. Anyone desiring to engage an expert for the purpose can call +1.415.914.1710 and request a quote.

About Author:

Brandan Graves has been serving as an experienced WordPress developer at HireWpGeeks Ltd – a leading Company for Hire WordPress Developer with a global reach. He is a passionate writer and she loves to share useful information regarding WordPress.

Brandan Graves has been serving as an experienced WordPress developer at HireWpGeeks Ltd - a leading Company for Hire WordPress Developer with a global reach. He is a passionate writer and she loves to share useful information regarding WordPress.

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