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6 Tips to Step Up and Own the Web Content Game

6 Tips to Step Up and Own the Web Content Game

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6 Tips to Step Up and Own the Web Content GameIn today’s climate of ideas and reasons, mediocre content will be left in a ditch to rot. The audience wants innovation, splendor, and the best content that you can provide, and that will ensure your stay in the summit of the hierarchy, and not be food to the rats. You need to excite people, intrigue them, shatter them, and even relinquish their beliefs. Something out of the ordinary, outside the box.

Anybody wants something unique and extraordinary, something that has never been done before. People are sick of monotonous content that has been created a couple of hundred times, manipulated, edited, and paraphrased to be published again. If you want to stand out from the sea of websites, you need to poke a bear, stir the cauldron, and introduce something suspicious — a short and sweet article with only eight hundred words or less. Don’t worry; the word counter will help you manage your word count in the best way possible.

With millions of free data and information available at your disposal. You need to hold you piping hot tea and start spilling your audience a peculiar content—mind-boggling in the least. Rattle your readers with a pleasing video, out of this world aesthetics, and also an excellent navigation system. Generic content is not going to pave the way to make your audience stay.

If you want to or flourish like a flower and not be washed away with a wave of websites. And if you want your audience to look at your site and stay. Then, let me present to you nine ideas to slay the game of web content. These ideas will not just want your audience to stay, but they will be begging for more.

Attractive Aesthetics

No one likes to come back to your site if you have a nasty and hideous display. No one wants to read further with a god awful fonts. And no one will ever recognize a website with such generic content, terrible color combination, and unfriendly site navigation. With the availability of free design tools online, you can surely create a remarkable website and engaging content for your audience.

Entice your audience with stunning typography and hook them with inventive designs and high-quality photos. Make them enjoy their experience with original content — full their eyes with the magic of white space or negative space.

One thing to keep in mind is not to rely on stock photos, as they are the basic, bleak, and most unadorned way to describe your site. Your website should be flourishing with imagery—does your content—of what it is about in the most realistic way possible. Conquer your audience with authenticity and concreteness.

Cite Reference and Sources

Facts resonate more with readers than opinions. With points back up by data and statistics in your content, readers will slowly lay their trust in your articles. Claims should be supported with credible sources. Who would not like a well-researched article? Let me answer that: no one. Readers want something that they can grasp and hold on to.

Posts ridden with facts and information get more shares than the ones filled with holes. Citing your sources and reference will show your readers that adequate research has been made and done. Some readers like to be immersed more, so you can post the fact sheets in the footnotes for additional information.

The Weirder, The Better

People like something fresh, so you should serve your audience exclusive stuff. Do not just shoot in the dark and give your audience a hot mess of an article. Do some reading and research. Study the mainstream and trending topics. Then, after that, look for similarities, identify their connection. The connection may sometimes be evident, but for the most part, you will have to swim into the unknown and be creative to find it.

Connections can be the path that will lead you to uncharted territory—an original idea and exciting content for your readers to enjoy. People will always be curious about current events and how they may affect their current situation with that. Or a trending subject that will enthrall the audience. Your content should be a leap from an ordinary. Something that your audience can relate and is relevant to them.

Use the Power of Personal Connection

The most powerful thing a human can add to their article to spice it up is the touch of personal connection. Content with a part of personal relationships adds depth. And your audience can feel that there is a human behind the screen. You don’t have to add personal information to establish a connection to the audience. A sprinkle of insight and inspiration will do the job well.

The addition of insight and inspiration to your web content will let the audience know your stand on things and make people understand your beliefs and values in an argument. You should acknowledge the frustrations and solve them as swiftly as you could. Tie in the loose ends. Personalizing makes you an entire human being in the eyes of your audience.

Dig Deeper

You could weave the most magnificent article to have existed on the internet but still could not gain an audience. The audience still looks for value in the article. Something that they can benefit from. Lucky for you, there are thousands of ways to remedy that problem. It always comes down to determining what your audience wants and likes and then giving it to them.

With the personality to spice up and draw the audience on your site. One thing your content needs is depth. The incorporation of depth in your content will pull your readers closer and will set your content apart from millions of materials on the internet. To do so, you should ask thought-provoking questions and answer them instinctively.

User-Friendly Interface

What is the use of a website with a crappy interface? Unfriendly navigation system? With that, it will drive your potential audience away when they enter your site and see the difficulty of the interface. People want something tangible and a website that is user-friendly and easy to navigate even if it’s their first time on the site.


It takes a ton of hard work and patience to create an excellent website. A website that that will command your audience’s attention. With its unique aesthetics, perplexing text, phenomenal and relatable videos, confounding articles, enchanting graphics, and breathtaking photos. You should always take a step back and have time to asses. Take that criticism and develop your web content to be better than its predecessor. Always strive for excellence. Always give them a little extra of everything to provide a quality experience to your audience.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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