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Mobile App Ideas For 2020-2021 That Haven’t Been Made Yet

Mobile App Ideas For 2020-2021 That Haven't Been Made YetDo you know what is common among the top billionaires in the world? They had a unique idea. In this digital era, everyone is looking for top or unique app ideas that help them make a big cut-throat competition. So in this blog, we will talk about some apps that don’t really exist, but everyone would love to see them in the future. Maybe these app ideas can give you a new idea for your startup. So, let’s begin:

1. Talking Camera for the Blind People

An app describes the world to the blind. Blind people can keep the smartphone in your shirt pocket with the camera sticking out and put headphones in the ear. Now this application will use the device camera to take pictures of the environment, and then you see artificial intelligence. It will tell the blind person what’s going around them. Now, this may look like a superficial thing but trust me it’s not.

Recently Microsoft has released its new application Seeing AI which uses a similar concept. Although it is just released for iOS version, most of you won’t be able to try it, but I have been playing around with this application for a day now and it is surprisingly good. Simply launch this application and point your camera to say your friend and it will describe that person, like what are they wearing, how far are they, and they are smiling or not. It can also read text and barcode in real-time and help you find what you need. In short, it is one of the most revolutionary app that I have seen so far.

2. Personalized Styling App 

The idea behind the app is pretty simple. Not every kind of clothes fit every person, and not everyone has time to do the research work. So how about developing an application which will scan your body or you can also enter your body shape structure, the color of your eyes, hairstyle, etc. Once the application knows how you look like your height, weight, body structure, etc then it will use machine learning to suggest you leave the best outfit. I know this kind of application exists, but I am looking for something more real: something that can scan my entire body and then show the outfit on it in real-time. You can create an app as you see in the black mirror episode.

3. A Voice Changing App on Phone calls 

Now I know there are many applications on Google Play Store that claim to do that. But trust me, none of them work. In fact, one of the popular ones with millions of downloads is just a flashlight application. Now, why is that? Well, for an application to change your voice in real-time, it will have to work along with your phone app which– if I am not wrong– is not possible on Android as of now since no two applications can access the mic at the same time. So if somebody can overcome this challenge and make an app for it that would be pretty fun. You can look for a good mobile app developer for hire to build such an application.

4. Cuisine Suggesting App from Ingredients

This idea is about an app that can occur such as the kind of lunch or dinner you can make using the ingredients you have in your kitchen right now. Ideally, I would like to take a picture of the stuff but you can also enter it manually. For instance, if I have bread and butter with me and I do not want to eat it in the usual way, this application would suggest me some alternate recipes. And, I guess this one should be pretty simple. Since you can already do this on the website like super cook. Putting the data for my website to this application won’t be an issue.

5. Auto Impose Pics in Social Media

This idea is about a camera app that can take your photo and then impose it in any YouTube video. This kind of a combination of a selfie app and real-time motion tracking. Imagine the possibilities of all the personalized memes that you can create with this application. No matter what the context is you will always have a right for that. Yes, I admit this idea is a little bit funky, but if there is an app, most people will pay for that.

6. Link NGOs with Local Volunteers 

This idea is about an application that can link NGOs with local volunteers. Imagine this if there is a wedding in my house, a lot of food waste or similarly, if I am shifting to a different place, I leave a lot of stuff behind. So how about a crowdsourcing app that can link the local NGOs with the right volunteers. If I have to donate something, I will just open this application and look for the NGOs around my area.

7. Finding a Stolen Phone

According to a recent study, around 70 million smartphones are being lost every year and only 7 percent out of them recovered. This idea is about an app that helps you find your phone even if it is in factory reset mode. Someone who has lost many of his smartphones is always going to be a big feature request. Whenever someone steals your phone, the first thing they do is the factory reset it, right?

But, let’s say if there is an application that can survive factory reset and once you activate it kind of like how you do with the syllabus, it will automatically freeze your smartphone. And the only way to fix that would be either by going to the service center or entering the one-time password that only the rightful owner will know. Now, this may not look like a big deal as of now; however, if they are able to implement it in all the smartphones in the world. There won’t be any incentive for the thieves to steal their phones and were probably going to steal something else. But at least smartphone theft will be reduced.

8. An App to Show Cool Things Around You

An application that can show all the cool things that you will do around you. So you open this application and set up a perimeter like 200 meters or 5 kilometers and this application will show you all the cool things that you can do. Now the key thing here is this application should use machine learning to understand your preference. It never asks you but it tries to understand you.

Once they know who you are and what you like, it will show you to discount ideas. Consider this as if I am into a track, then it will show me all the adventure pieces around me. If I like shopping, then it will show me the already discounted things. If I am reading books, it will show me all the book fairs around me. So the idea here is that they will collect user data in a non-intrusive way. From the other side, they will match it with the data they have collected from Facebook events, meetup groups, or regional websites, then form a perfect match.

Let’s Wrap Up:

If you’re an app developer or an entrepreneur, then maybe you can use these ideas to build your startup. Let me know in the comment box, which is your favorite application idea. If you have an idea and need a team to make that idea, you can contact a firm that provides the best mobile app development services. You need to find a good company with a team of skilled app developers who have years of expertise in creating feature-packed mobile apps as per specific requirements.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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