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Web Design Trends

Trendy Web Designs You Should Actually Care About

Web Design TrendsToday, being trendy is a thing that goes a long way of being noticed. So, when it comes to tech,web designs apply as well. Its where it matters most because your products should make a statement for you to convert your customers into leads.

Have effective communication with them through your products and services, great graphic design and a brand story. Remember, user experience and a beautiful user interface needs to be top-notch. It is what will keep your business rolling.

When you plan to have your website, you may approach a reputable web design company that will provide an experienced web designer to guide you according to your needs. You should as well know what features you need in your website that can work towards achieving your goals. Don’t be surprised to find that, not everything that glitters is gold.

Before you embark on the trendy web design, you must consider:

Principles of Effective Website Design

  • Easily Understood Product

The message displayed on your website should be short and sweet, with a clear message. Something that will capture your readers visiting your site. It should include the desired outcome for your customers.

  • Product Use

What value will your visitors get from using your product? Emphasize the usefulness of your product. Let this be crystal clear, and without a doubt, your visitors will appreciate it.

  • Website Aesthetic Design Effect

Have your website designed in a way that readers can navigate easily in different areas that are visible and not confusing. It should be enjoyable without many clutters and distractive ads that can be annoying. Therefore, the website design effect is integral to your visitors and should project your brand professionalism.

If you can’t afford to hire a web designer, you can learn how to go about through rigorous research, planning and finding tools, that will help you, do it yourself.

We have expounded on some hints and guides that you should care about when building a trendy web design. Things like voice and augmented reality are some of them, but we will cover many more below:

10 Trendy Web Designers That Matters


  1. Loading Speed of a Website

The response time for your website should be as quick as 2 seconds; otherwise, you will lose visitors. People get impatient with a slow loading website. So, we are saying when designing your site consider a quick loading web as a primary parameter. It is not only trendy but retains your visitors and turn them into a lead. They are also highly ranked by Google.

  1. Mobile Friendly

Whether we like it or not, mobile development has overtaken the desktop, and it is still evolving. Today the majority of companies have discovered that mobile responsiveness is crucial. In the SEO strategy, responsive web design is vital to Google. Most businesses are growing through the facilitation of mobiles. While building a web, a mobile-friendly is a crucial trend for designers. Respond to your customers ASAP even when you are out of the office. Keep up with the tech, and make your clients happy.

  1. Colour and Gradient

Most experienced web designers understand how complex gradients and duotones can give a significant impact on your website. When your design pops, it attracts visitors. Put a vivid color combination. Gradients add realism to texts, illustrations in your web and also your critical elements. Explore its boundaries and get a rendition of a great website.

  1. Chatbots

They are essential to websites. When you are not able to handle many customers at a time, chatbots do the work for you. They can enhance user interactions with your website. With the help of web developers, chatbots evaluate its performance day after the other so it can be smarter and more inviting.

  1. Oversized Headlines

As the number of users increases, so does the websites. Consider using oversized writing on your headline that will enhance the visual on your brand message that can increase and attract the users. You can as well experiment typography by adding resizable fonts, animate it or even put photography inside it

  1. Asymmetric Layout and Broken Grid

Adding broken grids to your website is a trend that you want to seeon your website. Why? Because It shows creativity and gives a striking look when put along with asymmetrical designs. Either you or aweb design company working for you need to be conversant with layering, proportion, and whitespace when it comes to this.

There is also a visual hierarchy that needs to be applied. Not to forget the striking images for guiding users to where they need it. It is a trend that creates a visual feel of being alive. Do it right, or you mess it up.

  1. CSS Grid

Applying this trend will make your website easier. It consists of new integrated tools and existing features. Since data visualization, responsiveness and interaction are paramount, CSS will be a trend that you don’t want to miss, it will offer you all that.

Placing your elements will be flexible, be it vertically, horizontally or anywhere you want, and the good news for those who find JavaScript complex, CSS will come to your rescue. It doesn’t have to be involved with CSS existence.

  1. Video

This trend has always captured the user’s attention and known to increase conversions. You can’t possibly count how many times you’ve found yourself watching a random video after opening a website, and you become engrossed until it ends. That serves the purpose of the designer and a reason why most people will go to YouTube to watch videos of the product they want before buying. It is more real and convincing.

Consider them, bright, educative, eye-catching and product-oriented to impress the user. Put them up to standard because you don’t want Google to rank your website for poor video standards.

  1. Micro-Interactions

The primary purpose of this trend is to create a more open event on a website. The user feels more involved, especially when they are online. However, overdoing it may lose user-centricity. If you want your product to strike out a mile, manage the interactivity. The website will grab your visitor’s attention if you manage and perfect micro-interaction.

  1. Geometric Organic Shape 

We’ve seen these expressing emotions that you want your user to feel. A website with these kinds of shapes will be anything but boring. Since they are small, they can be integrated easily into impressive structures. Without skimping on the underlying geometry shapes, you can create a hierarchy, identify and express your brand identity. The rectangle shape represents Stability, circles Utility and triangles represent Dynamic.

In conclusion, there seems to be no end for the trendy web designs, as they continue to evolve. Those that clearly express your product functionality and user benefits are important. Nevertheless, the types that impact a good impression, such as those covered in this article should be the ones that you should care about because they truly matter. While building web design, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to figure out the right trends, keep your ears down and stay ahead of the curve.

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