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Methods To Expand Your Following On Twitter

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Get More Twitter Follower

Get More Twitter Followers

There are tons of ways that you can increase your following on Twitter as well as get more Twitter followers.

General methods for getting followers on Twitter include contacting individuals that you know and ask them to follow you, find experts that have large amounts of followers, tweet about events and other conversations, and tweet about topics that are popular.

Use Twitter’s Email Tools

One very simple way to grow your amount of followers is to use the built in networking and email tools on Twitter. Click on “Who to Follow” in your top menu and then select the tab labeled “Friends.” Choose your email provider and Twitter will identify all contacts that have a Twitter account.

Follow Experts

On Twitter, the people that you don’t know are generally better for growing your followers than your actual friends.

Actually, the most common used and most successful method is to follow those who have a lot of followers on Twitter and try to start up a conversation with them and the people following them.

Auto Following Has The Risk of Violating Rules

Another method, which is a little controversial and has its risks, would be to follow those people who use an auto follower.

Auto following is when someone follows you, you are automatically following them back. A lot of these systems have been known to overdo the following and charging your behavior on Twitter.

Twitter Does Not Allow A Lot of Following Services

Auto followers are not the best way to help you increase your amount of Twitter followers. One of the reasons is they have the risk of getting you kicked off from Twitter if the service gets out of control and  has people following you that you are not following back.

It is best to look into the rules on Twitter to know if your auto follower is allowed if you do choose to use one.

Go To Conferences and Then Tweet About Them

A better strategy that has been known to get more twitter followers, is to attend a conference and use the Twitter hash-tag to tweet about it, so the other people attending can read what you have written and start following you.

If you do this carefully, you can perform this without actually going to the conference. You can watch the videos online and then tweet about what you hear and see. Make sure that you tell others you are watching the video online and not in person.

Promote Yourself  Widely

The more that you let others know that you are tweeting, the more followers that you are going to be attracting. Consider adding a link to your website or blog that links back to your Twitter account, or adding a widget that will display your recent tweets.

Other things that you might think about is listing yourself in one of the Twitter directories such as WeFollow.com and join in on the forums that talk about Twitter. By doing this you are sure to gain more Twitter followers.

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