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10 essential content planning tools for marketers

10 essential content planning tools that every marketing strategist needs

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10 essential content planning tools for marketersIf you’re a marketer launching a powerful content marketing campaign, you’ll soon note that content management is way more complicated than controlling only what happens on social media or your company blog. Besides posting and sharing, you need to manage your schedule, find best times to post and closely monitor how users are responding to your content. Sounds like a hard nut to crack? Don’t worry, here are 10 essential tools to help you nail down your content marketing strategy without breaking a sweat.

1. GatherContent

This smart tool includes a host of site mapping features to help you organize content for newly created or redesigned websites. The drag-and-drop interface makes it really to use – you can rearrange content as you please and overview the entire project from its beginning until the current state.

This is a tool for planning, structuring and collaborating across the entire workflow. You can add pages, upload files, gather content and manage the project by setting deadlines or status approvals and export relevant content to your CMS.

2. Edgerank Checker

This tool will be just perfect if you’re managing a large Facebook audience and want to get the most from every dollar spent on your social content. You can take full control over your Facebook strategy by accessing a host of valuable data about the performance of your content and audience reach.

The tool shows you when your audience is active online to help you reach highest content exposure. Edgerank Checker analyzes your posts and shows you which subjects resonate with your audience most. The Industry Report is simply the best – it shows you how your page is performing in comparison to similar pages.

2. Kapost

This tool helps to integrate every key process on a single platform. You can manage blog posts, videos, white papers, ebooks, social media posts, infographics, landing pages and many more. All content is available to collaborators on a smart dashboard and can be rendered as part of the workflow in a calendar format, setting deadlines for content assets and campaigns.

One click is enough to distribute content to all your channels, helping you to save time and focus on things that matter. The tool also provides marketers with a range of practical performance metrics, for instance earned links and conversions, showing the impact of content marketing on the sales funnel through key business data.

4. DivvyHQ

If you hate spreadsheets, this smart tool is for you. You can create an editorial plan, manage and organize a robust list of content types and then track their production. Perfect for professional content producers, DivvyHQ will be of great help to marketers as well. You can browse through content ideas on the dashboard and keep on brainstorming them.

You can set up calendars based on client name, campaign name, content type or website. The tool is also perfect for management – you can assign specific team members to have access to these calendars. If you’re managing a large team and lots of content, this app is just perfect for planning and collaboration.

5. BuzzSumo

Perfect for content strategists on the lookout for social influencers who would help them to boost online engagement with their content. If you’re trying to choose topics or find influencers to initiate content partnerships, BuzzSumo is your best pick. It compares content across different domains to check what works well for your competitors.

You’ll be able to easily identify key authors and influencers writing about relevant topics and contact them through the provided Outreach feature where you can curate lists of influencers to contact. Marketers who like to keep up with new content can set up various Content Alerts to be the first ones to know when a new relevant piece of content is published online

6. Sprout Social

If you’re managing a small or medium-sized social media team collaborating on social accounts, this is just the right tool for you. Sprout Social basically pulls all your social channels into one coherent dashboard where your entire team can access them in one place. The Smart Inbox feature brings together all incoming messages from different networks into one coherent feed, so your team can reply to consumer-generated content in real-time.

Contextual user information is enough to make Sprout into a functional CRM. The tool also integrates with Salesforce, helping you to communicate social engagements to your sales team. Moreover, the reporting feature pulls data from all channels to create well-designed and completely digestible reports to help you track and communicate your achievements.

7. Compendium

Compendium basically orchestrates all types of content which audiences expect from brands these days. You can create content, place it in a calendar tool to target your audience, schedule all your messaging, map your content, organize it into meaningful campaigns and store your ideas. All of it in one single place.

Everyone at the company can become a content creator with the suite offered by Compendium. The included reporting and tracking tools show critical metrics in a single dashboard, helping you to measure and boost your performance in marketing your content.

8. Tailwind

This tool is just perfect for content managers who want to get the most out of their Pinterest activity. The truth is that you won’t find too many Pinterest-oriented tools on the market and this one might easily be one of the best.

Tailwind helps to plan, schedule and analyze all Pinterest content posted by your brand. With a pro account you additionally unlock precise ROI measurement from Revenue Trends reports. Images from your web properties can be easily tracked to see which ones generate most interest. Good news is, basic plans start at $9.99 per month.

9. Oktopost

This tool is designed specifically to match the needs of B2B marketers who are fed up with using B2C solutions to support their marketing efforts. Oktopost works like any other social management tool, but what makes it different is the fact that it was build with B2B marketers in mind. You can create campaign themes and goals, easily tracking how your content contributes to your objective.

Oktopost monitors the reach of your posts and offers content recommendations to help you scale up content production without putting a strain on your team. You can also synchronize all this social data with external CRMs to help provide your sales team with key lead information.

10. Marketing.ai

This tool is a good pick for planning your content strategy and managing the work of a team. You can structure the entire editing process, schedule content in a calender and track it – all on a single platform. Marketers can benefit from buyer personas and cycles to be targeted in content creation.

All metadata ensures that your content reaches different audiences types located throughout the marketing funnel. Marketing.ia is really easy to use and its visual editorial calendar helps you to understand what content is coming down the pipeline and how it will be distributed at a glance.

Using these tools, you’re bound to get the most out of every single minute you invest in planning and executing your content marketing strategy.

About the author: Carol Williams is part of the team behind checkdirector.co.uk. She combines her expertise in content marketing with her passion for writing.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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