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WordPress Plugins - Best Collection to Save Website Development Time

WordPress Plugins: Best Collection to Save Website Development Time

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WordPress Plugins - Best Collection to Save Website Development TimeSince its initial release in 2003, WordPress has been successful in creating a sensation in the web development industry as a remarkable blogging platform. It has now become the hot topic of discussion among webmasters and businessmen across the world. Moreover, the technological advancement greatly influenced the fundamentals and functions of the web industry. A major change was visible when WordPress shifted from not just being the blogging platform to a fully featured content management system used for developing dynamic web solutions. Owing to its features and extended functions, it soon became the necessity of the web developers, programmers, site owners, webmasters, businessmen, and the users.

Although this extended functionality is being achieved with the integration of various add-on programs popularly known as Plugins. With the introduction of plugins, this highly functional WordPress became a scalable, flexible, intuitive and robust CMS which is now used to create remarkable web applications and sites. The extended and improved functionality of WordPress obtained with the use of plugins has made it a leading factor in the web development realm at the global level.

Here in this post, we have compiled a list of top WordPress plugins that have leveraged the functionality of WordPress. But before naming them, let us get a brief idea about what exactly are plugins?

Understanding WordPress Plugin In Brief

In simple words, a plugin is a PHP script that improves and escalates the functionality of a WordPress site. The integration of these plugins makes it function more than just a blogging platform.

Let’s take a glimpse of the list of top WordPress plugins available for use.

List Of 10 Most Sought-After WordPress Plugins 

Here is the list of 10 various WordPress plugins that have made to the class of the most preferred plugins among the developers and web users.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEOThis is a perfect example of the all-in-one plugin that works on pre-configured SEO elements ensuring an effective SEO for your website. XML sitemap, RSS optimization, Custom meta tags, are some of the matchless and remarkable features of this WordPress plugin that help in sprinting up the functions of a website. Yeast is undoubtedly a prominent name in the realm of plugins aimed for WordPress SEO realm.

Google XML SitemapsGoogle XML Sitemaps

Owning a sitemap is more than a treat for you as it is highly useful in the pretext of SEO. The sitemap gives a list of all posts & pages read by search engines. Building a sitemap on your own would become a tiring as well as complex task so why to waste time on that. Simply add Google XML sitemaps plugin that lets you generate and edit the sitemap which automatically gets updated whenever the content is being added/edited.

Local SEO and Business Listings

Local SEO and Business ListingsThis plugin is specially designed for small scale businesses keeping in their specific SEO demands in concern. The features included in this notable plugin are:

  1. Tracking of keyword rank
  2. Analysis of competitors
  3. Web analytics
  4. Sitemap generation
  5. Includes basic SEO settings

The business information tab is the main dashboard that gives options where you can edit the business information that shows on Google Maps.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link CheckerThere are numerous sites out there having broken/interrupted links, which is totally an unavoidable issue. The broken links shut the content or the links without any prior knowledge which is fatal to the growth of a website.

Though the broken links are not that bad for a website but they are not good for the visitors landing on your website. Broken link checker regularly checks and maintains the website to detect the broken links.


AkismetThis is one of the most popular and preferred security plugins used fervently for WordPress websites. It is capable of scanning the spam comments automatically and placing them into the spam comment box even before you notice it. The installation of this plugin is followed by downloading the Akismet license.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total CacheW3 Total Cache is out to revamp the caching more simple. So instead of downloading the entire page, this plugin helps in creating the static files of the data in the browser, which limits the time required for re-downloading the static data again and again on your system. This also helps in reducing the bandwidth use.


SucuriMaintaining the security of a WordPress website is essential and needed. Sucuri is one such security plugin that ensures the security preventing it from getting hacked and infected from any malware attack. It regularly monitors the site and detects any malware component as soon as it is installed on your computer.


DisqusIt is an amazingly designed comment plugin fervently used by WordPress users across the globe. The core features of this plugin are mentioned below:

  1. Easy to use and understand
  2. Protects from spam
  3. Can be modified at any point of time
  4. Notifications, replies and responses can be easily seen

eCommerce Product Catalog by impleCode

eCommerce Product Catalog by impleCodeThis plugin is definitely a treat for all newbie entrepreneurs looking forward to setting their niche in the E-commerce world. If you are looking for the simplest method to put product lists on your basic WordPress shopping site, then eCommerce Product Catalog is the right choice for you.

WP Optimize By xTraffic

WP Optimize By xTrafficInternal links are considered as the best tool to leverage the SEO of a website, and when it comes to WordPress, there is a plugin WP Optimize that automatically puts the link into the site content. Provided you have mentioned the keywords or phrases you want to include as SEO for your site. Make sure you use more than one or two-word phrases for keywords for an effective functioning of this plugin. Install it and get assured of your ranking on SERP.

Conclusion: There are a lot of fascinating plugins available in the marketplace and it is not possible to mention all those in a single post, so this list have been compiled with top 10 plugins to ease your task of sorting out the best ones. Every plugin has its own functions and features, which is why choose the one that best suits your business requirements and objectives. Among all these WordPress plugins available online, some are paid and some are free.

Author Bio:

David Meyer is an expert WordPress plugin Developer at CSSChopper, who holds expertise in his profile along with sharing an interest in writing informational write-ups related to WordPress and its latest inventions. His posts are well-researched and visionary and are highly appreciated by readers.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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