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data verification services

Data verification services: Protect the integrity of business data

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data verification servicesHave you surreptitiously hired a fraud in your company? Are you finding it difficult to trace current and accurate data of your customer? If your answer is “yes,” then it’s high time for you to avail data verification services from reliable and trustworthy service providers.

Data verification should be the primary concern of an organization. Transparency is essential to protect the integrity of data provided to an organization by its employees and/or customers. With the speed of changes in today’s world, it is more difficult than ever to stay assured that your data is current and accurate. Employees are the keystone of an organization. Effective hiring with screening processes including background check, qualification details, experience specifics, and criminal record help in preventing future issues. It is not possible for the HR team of an organization to ensure the same as this process incurs huge amount of crucial time which eventually leads to hiring of a fraud in the company. The key goal of an organization is to minimize the risk of hiring fake employees in the company, and organizations can improve their recruitment processes by outsourcing data authentication process to third party verification service providers.

Integrity in verification process helps to shield the network of an organization by imparting visibility into hiring an effective employee. Presently, online marketing is on boom. People usually prefer to purchase goods from online stores. Busy work schedule forbids people from walking down in the marketplace and purchase things according to their choice. By using online shopping method, people can sit back at the comfort of their home and make a demand of requirement. This process can be availed through a phone call and/or through online shopping portals. Online shopping service providers also outsource their business function to third party vendors to verify accuracy and precision of the placed order and the customers address. Data verification services precisely verify and validate the data, so that clients can successfully concentrate on their sales and marketing campaigns.

Data verification is methodical process of examining and assessing the performance and compliance of the employees and data of the customers thereby determining its completeness, accuracy, and consistency. This method makes sure that the data is usable and helps in meeting the documented acceptance criteria of the company. The jeopardies of hiring an employee with forged curriculum vitae, counterfeit education certificates, and criminal record can bring bad name to the reputation of an organization. Background inspection has become necessary for organizations to safeguard themselves from deplorable events in future. By outsourcing services to a third party verification services, large business organizations need not employ their high-end professionals into verification process. These service providers help in enhancing security of the organization thereby improving productivity, and reducing liabilities as well as cost of hiring employees.

There are two types of verification processes, one is automated verification and the other open is air verification:

  • Open air data verification: Through this method of data verification or validation, agents make a call to their respective employee/customer/individual who is hired in the company or who has placed an order. The service providers have a team of professionals, who record the whole conversations, wherein the experts enquire specific details of the respective individual.
  • Automated data verification: This process of data verification is inclusive of a series of pre-recorded questions which are asked to individuals and their responses are recorded by an automated attendant.

Let’s have a quick look at the benefits of outsourcing services to a third party:

  • Authenticate data of new applicants: Within a month of hiring a new employee in the company, the HR department of an organization transmits details of newly hired employee to third party service providers who can exclusively authenticate and justify the accuracy of the information provided to them. The service providers also check the accuracy of the details provided by customers.
  • Reduce overhead expenses: Investing huge amount of capital to start an in-house call center and hiring a team of experts who can exclusively cross-check the information is time consuming process. By outsourcing services to a third party, the operational and labor cost are eliminated. The organizations only need to pay a specific and fixed amount to the service providers.
  • Well-trained experts: The third party verification service providers have a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals, who are well-trained according to the changing market scenario. They skillfully authenticate and validate the information provided by clients. They give 100% assurance to the clients thereby weeding out the candidates who provide fake information.
  • Time-saving procedure: Gone are the days, when companies used to start in-house call centers which incur huge amount of crucial time of the HR team. By outsourcing services to a data verification call center, organization saves a lot of time and they can focus on key competencies of the business. Moreover, the risk involved in hiring a fraud in the company is also minimized.

In short, data verification services leave no stones unturned in validating the information of the employees and customers of organizations.

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