Points That Will Make Your Content Go Viral in Real Estate

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“Viral Content” is information and experience created for end-user or audience and becomes loudly popular suddenly. In the field of real estate, it is very necessary to spread information immediately because of the short time duration of buying & selling of any development. Viral Content

In this circumstance, only a viral content can win the race, as your product gets exposed to complete new viewers that you couldn’t ever quite reach organically. If you are also looking to create buzz for your product with viral content, we have put some points to make your content go viral immediately.

1. Keep it short

A large number of viral contents are short in length. For example videos on Facebook & Twitter around 1 – 2 minutes have more power to hold your scrolling finger but anything longer from it start losing the grip. The same thing is to happen with write-ups, these days people have short attentions spans. So keep in mind this makes your content short & scan-able with exact headings, subheading with bullets.

2. Post your content on the right time of the day & right days of the week.

As we know social media is the best platform to spread your content to the maximum audience. But it isn’t sufficient to just post content anywhere & whenever you want. There is a particular platform, a particular time for the particular audience.right time post content

So … what is the best time to post your content to go viral?

Sorry to say, there’s no perfect answer. Different purpose, products may require different days’ work best for them. Actually, timing a lot depends on the medium you’re posting, how your target audience relates to that medium, the country you’re targeting, type of your content(e.g. funny or serious) and many other factors.

3. List Articles get way more shares than other posts.

Uses of lists in articles & blogs are rising day by day to catch the attention of more & more readers in the world full of write-ups. With so much info to deal with daily lists is the best possible way to get your facts across as rapidly as possible. Readers also too keen to spend more & more time to read your blog if it is just a sequence of the list with facts.

4. Always insert at least one related image to every article you post.

Have you ever wondered why Twitter & Facebook have become the most admired platform for the social media? Is it actually very amazing how much time we all spend in front of the TV, even there are nothing but repeated telecast?

You also have attended many presentations, but you ever noticed that the presentation with visual graphics and sounds are always interesting?blog article

So, it is very reasonable for all the writers & bloggers to consider on putting some interesting images in your content. Because Images gives the basic information & facts contains in your contents and create a bond between you and your readers. A post without any images & graphics easily starts looking boring and uninteresting.

5. Appealing and Emotional blogs get more shares

There are really some logical facts behind the art of emotional call. Appealing to the hearts and minds of your readers is essential to gaining the likes & shares. Approximately all of us read and enjoy content with clean emotional attraction. Any write-up with content that is joyful gets more shares because people want to show themselves as cheerful people and don’t want to have any depressing posts on their social media.

6. Make your post more visual by turning it into info-graphics

A study on the readers’ behaviors has said that posts with info-graphics are one of the most shared articles & blogs because info-graphics are easier to understand that’s why posting the content with info-graphics assist in getting people to like & share your post.

Info-graphics are imaginative and descriptive image of your content summery. In designing info-graphics, the designers engage a range of elements such as colors, images and words etc. to describe complete story.

7. Let Readers Commentreader comments

As a blogger, you need to give your readers a scope of comment below your content, to make your post go viral. No matter you get appreciation or disapproval, respond them with cool mind, by this your readers feels the personal attachment with your post and it will increase the chances of go viral.

8. Write on an Evergreen Subject

Make sure that topic of the write-up has a power of staying on internet. Think about writing on “evergreen” topic that will for all time be applicable on your reader. Always try to write about the most searchable keywords or topic for example “best investment destination, affordable housing and luxury homes etc.” are the most searchable keywords in Real Estate.

9. Be Controversialdebate

Controversies are always connects people even if it brings certain amount of risk. By nature these types of blogs or article can be divisive. On the other hand, people who are supporting your views will share it to show their constancy or belonging.

10. Quiz People

People are keen for quizzes, especially if it revel them a little about their self. Readers also like puzzles which they can share with buddies and family members. Most hard quizzes push users to share it and their especially well if the result represents your positive side. With this easy point, you can give your content a head start to becoming the next viral trend.quiz people

With these upper mentioned tips you can rule over the world of content marketing. In short, Just think about which particular segment of the reader you want to target and what are the best ways to structure your content to achieve your goal. Videos, quizzes, and pictures tend to go more viral than text content. Be understandable on what is that you want your addressees to do after they have seen/read your post. It assists to ask them to share from their friend with an applicable hashtag. Make it simple for readers to share your post.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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