Mobile App Development Hacks to Multiply User Base

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Competition among the best mobile application developers is increasing every minute because of which market is getting more intense! Practically talking Google play store contains 3.3 million applications whereas Apple’s application store grabs about 2.45 million non gaming application and 811,911 of the gaming applications! Quite a number!

On an average, the mobile applications lose 75 percent of its everyday uses within the first two days after an install! Surprising! Just imagine what will happen after a week or after a month! The number can be quite high!

As the mobile application development keeps on evolving, it is becoming quite difficult for entrepreneurs to get hold of this change and to keep the hold on to their users as well! The market is molding itself according to the need of the users because of which it is becoming more of hyper-competitive and extra saturated. Furthermore, people don’t want to overburden their gadgets due to which they use the best application that suits their need!

So, when you tend to put your application on the app store you obviously have a working application but do you know this is only one of the milestones you have achieved! Because we have a lot more in our way to come! One of the biggest achievements is to maintain the continuous growth of your application and the main segment to keep the growth is to grow the user base of your application as the application need to maintain its significance with time if you actually want it to grow!

In order to get the growth and the user base for your application, you need to use several tactics which could help your application to do wonders! Let’s discuss several methods that you can bring into your use to multiply the user base or your application. Because after all, our main motive is to grow the user base continuously!

This won’t be happening overnight, but the best plan, strategies, and patience will help you get your goal

Let’s head on then!

Ask your new users to invite their contacts on to the application

Many huge brands follow this trick by adding this new feature of inviting your contact list to the applications. It not only allows branding of your applications but provides extra incentives and offers. While the family and friends of the user use their referral code to log in to the application, you can provide your existing users with some cash back in their wallets. This technique helps you to retain and get the hold on to the much more user base.

The working is simple!

Let’s see:

a)  Invite the friends from your contact list. Send your family and friends the invitation from messages, Google +, facebook etc.

b) Select the platform you want to use for invites

c)Allow Login to connect to profile and edit the permissions of your account

d)Add the friends you want to invite to the application

e)Customize the subject and the message

f)Send the invite with your referral code in it

Once they use the referral code of the user into the application to log in, rewards in the form of cash back or coupons can be processed into the account of the users!

 Sign in using Social media


Integrating your app with social media platforms gives you access to millions and billions of user-base. It’s a way for your app to leverage the trust earned by these social media platforms.

In addition, it makes it easy for users to sign in without having to type in the details manually. It’s a great user experience tip for mobile devices. If forced to enter all the details manually on a small screen, people feel lazy and get turned off.

Activity-based incentive


Business needs new customers to grow! But keep this thing in mind that one of the simplest sources of gaining more of the user base is right under your nose! It is your existing customer base who is already familiar to the workings of your application!

Once the user is more familiar with the working of your application they will for sure put the word of mouth to others! Try to enhance this ability of your customers by providing them with some exciting offers and some incentives, this will not only help you to retain your user base but will also help to add some new users!

There are various applications which are successfully linked to all the social media platforms and all of the activities of the users get appreciated in some of the other ways. For an instance, it’s on trend, people are uploading their funny clips and based on those video views, comments, likes and shares they tend to get credits which can be redeemed in the form of Dollars using all the protective gateways.

Don’t believe! Try it!

Make your app available on right channels


It’s a must thing to make your application available on the correct platform(s). There are various channels where you can distribute your application very easily as downloading from those verified platforms exposes you to a larger audience!

The app store is one of the most prominent choices of everyone and by this, I am not only emphasizing on the iTunes store, but there are also the huge number of applications available on other Non-apple platforms like Google play store, Nokia’s Ovi Store, Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace etc. Bringing your application to all the platforms will help you to get all the audiences.

However, it may not always be advisable for you to target all these platforms as there are added costs. When deciding on what platforms to choose, think about your target audience. If you’re making a dating app, chances are your audience have iPhone, Android or even Microsoft, whereas if you’re making something for rural areas, in Asian or African countries, you would better target android only.



When it comes to increasing your applications online, the best way is to promote it through a website! But why do you need that! Users are more interested in the application that is actually a real deal for them and it also helps them to gain the trust that yes, it is an authenticated application!

For many brands, the application needs to be predominantly featured across your website! After all, you are not investing in a kid’s play! Right! The presence of the application should be huge and relevant. Your website provides with a much clearer picture of what you want to do with your application, Improvising things with the clarity of purpose is one of the ways how websites help to enhance the credibility of your application. A website is also an essential tool to attract new search traffic.

Final thoughts

While concluding the whole story, publishing your application simply on the application store won’t help! It’s never enough until and unless you change your plans when it comes to mobile application development. The strategies simply need to be incorporated by giving people reasons to adapt your app. As soon as you have gained the customer base it becomes easy for you to understand how to take your plans further. The word of mouth referrals would help your application to gain more of loyal users. Use these simple methods and trust me you will for sure see the difference!

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