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 Top 10 benefits of using Microsoft Power BI as a business intelligence solution

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Business Intelligence is the critical part in the mission to be coordinated, competitive and successful. As organizations develop, it turns out to be hard to handle information being produced routinely. This makes a detour for information driven endeavors who want to saddle their information for driving business dynamics. Likewise, the one-sided reporting constructions across endeavors cause a circumstance, where key leaders are compelled to take choices dependent on somewhat accurate information. It is the reason BI frameworks are being kept closer generally. Setting up a logical framework to viably dissect information assists a venture with finding valuable data, proposing end and backing upgraded decision making. Microsoft with its demonstrated history in the field of innovation, has gone to the front line with the presentation of its convincing examination instrument, Power BI. This device permits ventures to effortlessly visualize and dissect their enterprise information to change their tasks.however alterynx stands in front when dealing with the data analytics. To be an expert professional in using the alterynx, definitely AlterYX Training, will help you to a great extent.

Now let’s walk through the top 10 benefits of using Microsoft Power BI as a business intelligence solution.Top 10 benefits of using Microsoft Power BI as a business intelligence solution

1. Cost

The two versions of Power BI are, Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium. The basic level is Power BI Pro, that provides you all the functions in the Azure cloud for a minimal price for each client each month. In the event that you have a requirement for many clients to get to the reports or should have the option to update your information in excess of 8 times each day, at that point you can opt Power BI Premium. Power BI Premium is more costly, but you will not require as many Power BI Pro licenses and you receive a dedicated node in Azure permitting you to be more receptive to your business’ requirements.

2. Features

Microsoft have buckled down on their software to ensure applications, for example, Power BI have more features, with comparative convenience, and complete compatibility with each other. Concerning BI, the application is intended to make savvy representations dependent on business information, backing you in your decision making cycles. Power BI Pro gives the capacity to make graphical information visualizations, in both autonomous or collaborative conditions, which are shareable between workers.

3. Connectivity

A wide scope of information sources are upheld, for example, the business information caught in CRM or monetary information from ERP. It permits you to avail Azure Cloud, on-premise, and third party information sources in a simple to utilize application. This also permits you to make new and convincing databases from different dissimilar information sources. Regardless, in spite of the fact that availability can be expansive, you can be certain that Power BI has consistently enhanced safety efforts, consenting to worldwide security necessities.

4. Embeddable attributes

Power BI ensures that clients can install BI and examine effortlessly, empowering your employees to make intuitive reports and geo-map representation. Clear business climate reconciliations of Power BI empowers your clients to deliver dependable reports and investigation by means of dashboards, reports, and databases. All of it can be altered to make an individual to fit your business’ requirements.

5. Updates

Ceaseless updates guarantee that Power BI manages normal month to month refreshes. It can be accomplished through Microsoft being proactive in reacting to Power BI community ideas. The newly proposed usefulness is decided on and carried out inside the center product. As the Power BI people group develops you can be certain your backup channels will proceed to develop and get to more thoughts for how best it is to utilize the application and software.

6. Key functionality

Drag-and-drop functionality implies your employee can create specially designed reports rapidly. While the alternative to drill-down into information visualizations causes clients to just choose and open data which stands apart to acquire better a superior comprehension of what’s happening. Power BI’s utilization of normal language questions forestalls the requirement for clients to get familiar with an unpredictable query language. Altogether, a scope of functionality which upgrades your capacity for self-administration.

7. Microsoft

The speed innovation is creating at Microsoft has decided to vigorously put resources into expanding the capacities of Power BI long haul. For instance, the item is receptive to its market requirements by working with enormous programming compatibility. It implies that the application is adequately amazing to solidify a scope of data sources into explicit Databases, so you can assemble reports.

8. Superior accessibility

Power BI is enabled to operate via remote applications on an assortment of web platforms and gadgets, for example iOS, Android, and Window gadgets, empowering you to have progressed availability. The prevailing reports can be changed in a simple manner in accordance to get fit into these diminished structure factors. The applications ease of use is additionally enhanced by its ability to coordinate with a blend of cloud programming, and progressed information administrations, like Cortana. By having simple to utilize graphical function implies your clients need no expert preparing while utilizing the application. Guaranteeing your workers’ learning is quick and concise.

9. Refreshing data

Power BI permits you to invigorate its information cache to 8 times each day with Power BI Pro, and up to 48 times each day using  Power BI Premium. The utilization of Power BI’s information cache makes it basic and fast for report sending yet permitting the adaptability to view the information updated at set occasions which address the business’ requirements, across the application.

10. Rapid information breakdown

The accessibility to justifiable information rapidly implies your Power BI clients can settle on progressively educated choice in response to business requirements. For instance, the information introduced inside the application can be organized to recognize which of your business sectors are performing at lower rate, or over your assumptions. Thus making noteworthy bits of knowledge to make your organization more competitive.


Microsoft Power BI is an incredible device with numerous advantages which will assist your organization or business over the long period. The cost is acceptable, and it refreshes constantly. The Power BI will furnish you with exact, convincing, genuine information by means of dashboard-style reports. This apparatus is a compelling solution for your association to create and remain competitive on the market. This apparatus could make the work proficient and simpler. It’s a wise venture and can enhance your organization far and away superior.

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