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eCommerce Mistakes

Effective E-Commerce Site Developing Mistakes

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eCommerce MistakesThe success estimate of computerized purchasing businesses has always been an exponential form. Nowadays, people who most of the time looks for online shopping, do search regarding the product details as well as they search for profound purchasing features, be it about product’s excellence check-out trends. Even a single error committed by us can result in depreciating online shopping patterns. While optimizing any e-commerce website for online shopaholics, it’s necessary for every e-commerce site to avoid these common blunder errors so as to improve its conversion process by rewarding with an outstanding shopping experience.

Here are the list of common e-commerce mistakes while dealing with it:

Not Providing Customer Support

One of the biggest reasons after visitors not visiting your leaving an eCommerce site without even buying anything is that they lack the knowledge of contacting the desired person in terms buying information. So by enabling a live chat option by simultaneously implementing a feedback form on your website can help solve all such problems by further enhancing your shopper’s buying experience.

 Not Optimizing E-Commerce Site Efficiently

M-commerce trends are on the rise, as increasing number of people across the world are using mobile devices to access better e-commerce services as well as to move ahead with decent online shopping.  Responsive websites are not only a need for people in this current generation but obviously its a necessity for every eCommerce site. So optimizing your e-commerce site designs to make it more compatible with small screen sizes as well as for devices for a better user experience on mobile is very much needed. According to the research study, most of the mobile device users claims to access a “look and feel” attitude for any company’s mobile site that has a huge consequence on their decision-making the process to make a decent purchasing scheme out of it.  Ecommerce sites that are not properly optimized for online shoppers are surely missing out a lot of sale potentials.

 Not Doing A/B Testing

A/B testing is well known as Alpha/Beta Testing process that is paramount for every eCommerce websites to grab information about which is originally a better online site. It’s one of the great ways to enhance your overall purchasing experience.

 Not Leveraging the Power of Visuals

Visual pictures are incredibly an important factor for every eCommerce site that needs to get renowned all over the world. It’s very much true that customers can’t physically have the product when they prefer shopping online and, therefore, makes it extremely important to have high-quality product images and videos to help them have the product experience virtually.

Almost for all of the e-commerce sites, adding videos for every product isn’t always possible but still it can help shoppers make a better decision by analyzing product images from various angles. It can even offer a 360-degree view of that product by enabling high-quality images.

 Not Utilizing enough Power for Social Media

According to the recent study, 90% of various online research starts with search engine optimization and 68% of the consumers check out for companies on various social networking sites just to get an overview before proceeding for something to purchase. So definitely, a proper social media planning is is very important to increase maximum number of base customer process to creating extensive brand awareness and for building a

 Not Optimizing Ecommerce Websites for SEO

It’s very much important to increase your site branding awareness search if you want to increase your sales as well as a conversion process. If your newly designed e-commerce site isn’t showing up the desired result when people go ahead for searching all your products, then everything, in that case, goes a  trivial thing. Search engine optimization is essential with outscoring your competitors as well as to increase your sales process.

At the same time, Keyword research is not enough to have. There is a need to bring into notice that your site has a good website structure with proper product category infrastructures as well as engaging content to give it a rank for all new product pages.  Its quite evident that by adding a properly targeted keyword in your content, can have a direct impact on visitors hopping into your newly designed e-commerce website and this could only take place if you know how to think from user’s viewpoint first.

 Ineffective ‘Call-to-Action.’

Call-to-action button initiates a significant role in increasing your brand sales by grabbing a high number of visitor’s attention in a short span of time. It will further help in guiding them about what they should follow next to take their business at a higher level. Obviously, if you don’t posses a clear call-to-action attitude to landing your e-commerce pages, then there is a high risk that visitors will hardly stay on your website without even performing the desired action.

The most common mistake that an eCommerce site encounters is that they often design e-commerce sites by including too many call-to-action buttons on every page that can only confuse their visitors. Focusing on single primary call-to-action is highly crucial to increase your e-commerce conversions.

 Poor Product Page Design

Well, in this particular section, it is important that your product page should be attractively designed as for any eCommerce website this plays a crucial as well as an important role in your conversion process that will increase the buying percentage from your site. Product page designs should be such that they look highly attractive as well as they are sound enough to convey a clear and valuable messages to all the people by letting them know that why they should buy from your panel instead from other various competitors.

Slow Loading Pages

Slow site loading can drastically affect your any e-commerce businesses and thus can affect a user experience but on the other hand, it will also affect your ranking targets as well in various search engines. So, a friendly interface with an easy navigation tool is very much important for getting a brand name for your e-commerce sites but if your site is not loading fast enough then your customer will not even visit your site. So, higher the loading time, higher its bouncing rate.

Not Paying Much Attention to Retargeting

E-commerce users normally don’t buy on their first visit. As per AdRoll, “On average, 98% of e-commerce shoppers leave without converting.” So, retargeting is extremely important for an eCommerce business and a great means for shopping cart recovery. It helps in bringing those potential customers back who once have left your site without completing a transaction, by showing them the products in their abandoned shopping cart and other similar products again and again. Retailers are doing this through some ways, including personalizing the offer for a limited period to increase their conversions.

Also, retargeting can be used to bring back customers who have earlier done shopping on your site. For example, if a customer has purchased apparels from your site in the past, you can target them by showing similar products to reinforce them to come back to your site and shop again.

Author Signature: Maria Mincey is a web developer working with Xicom – E-Commerce web development company. You can contact her in order to hire developers to avail the highly functional eCommerce and web development solutions.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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