Continuous Integration in Software Development

By Flosum – Salesforce continuous migration enables you to be able to undertake the process of quality control during the software development process and not at the end of the project. This means that you will be able to save time and deliver your projects fast, satisfying your clients and of course getting more.

Working on an organizational project as a team can be demanding in terms of the amount of time you require to complete the project. Yet you can rely on this helpful tool that works together with a source code system that contains all the coding for the end product. Information in the source code system provides a basis for a continued update of changes as they occur during the software development process. As a software developer, you must have dealt with tension and apprehension among team members that are present when working on a project.

Software Development

Software Development

Lack of compatibility occurs when software components vary greatly during the integration process but with continuous integration, you do not have to dread the component integration process anymore. Continuous Integration will run the information from the source code against a sand box environment throughout the product development process and gives you the output, which your team members receives in real time.

Advantages of Using Continuous Integration

  • It will take you a short time to integrate project components so allows you to complete many projects within a very short time since it eliminates unnecessary repetition.
  • You do not need to get to the details of each of the individual components of the project before integrating the components or solving any problems.
  • You will save a lot of money.
  • You will be able to work easily with your team to ensure that you fix problems as they occur and not towards the end of the work when you have invested a lot into the project.
  • The team members can communicate easily on the project progress through email notifications and/or a web based dashboard. This improves teamwork.
  • You will easily identify problematic areas within the project set up and come up with solutions since it keeps the history of each step taken; this can be retrieved when needed.
  • You can easily detect coding bugs and eliminate them in good time.
  • The automated process of code compilation will make it easy for you to do this.

When you acquire a software development solution built on salesforce, you will automate your project development process and eliminate the need for human interventions in software integration. It enables the implementation of proper access and controls while still allowing you to view the progress of your project. This ensures that your processes are consistent.

You can request for a demo from our website in order to interact with this tool. We have endeavored to provide you with a user-friendly product that will free save your time and free your mind to focus on more software solutions rather than troubleshooting during the software development process.

Allow us to be your partner in continuous integration and enhance your capacity for software development.

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