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call centers in India

Call Centers, a Symbol of Economic Boon in India

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call centers in India

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Call centers in India is an impact of globalization. It is a new industry that has been growing very fast since the past few years. Organizations across the globe prefer to outsource call center services to India as compared to other Asian countries because of a wide range of advantages that other countries do not offer. India has a large qualified workforce and provides affordable call center outsourcing services. The b2b call centers of India consist of expert, qualified professionals, computer competent, and skilled employees. In addition to this, India also has largest English-speaking population outside the USA.

Call center in India took the world by storm in 2005 thereby employing 40% of people in the international call center industry paying 50% less than that of the U.S or U.K. Moreover, the country generates 63% of the total business process outsourcing (BPO) revenue offshore. India is one of the first nations to step in the outsourcing industry with low-cost manpower and high efficient employees are the hottest destination in the industrial sector.

The global world of technology is experiencing a new facet with outsourcing. India being a major competitor enlarges its feathers and plunges into the wide market across borders, distance, and time. Large business enterprises focus on their own competencies and indulge their high paid resources into core business activities thereby outsourcing non-core activities to telemarketing companies for which they do not wish to invest on support or facilities. India is one among them. Call center in India has reached its zenith of success by offering variety of advantages which other countries do not.

The key idea behind outsourcing seems to be deep-rooted. Since the industrial revolution, large multinational companies tend to transfer their backend tasks to third party companies, thereby emphasizing on the profit-making goals.

In the fear of unemployment, people of India get hold of low-end tasks to earn their living.

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Why outsource non-core activities to call center India?

1. Large qualified workforce

The major advantage of outsourcing to the call centers India is educated the workforce and largest English-speaking population after the USA. India has a large number of qualified, technically knowledgeable, IT educated, and proficient professionals because of the exclusive colleges, institutes, and successful training industries. The manpower is willing to work for a lower price at a fraction of the cost overseas owing to major unemployment factor.

2. Specialized call center outsourcing services

Call centers India offer wide-ranging outsourcing services. More than 50% of manpower is engaged in working with call centers outsourcing services like inbound and outbound, technical support, disaster recovery, email and chat support services amongst others. The call centers in India are best in technology, people, processes, resources, and operative knowledge.

3. Advantage of timing

Although, India has 12 hours’ time difference with the western countries, it provide their customers with round the clock services, be it onshore or offshore. Latest technology and high-end infrastructure are also an added advantage to the call center India.

4. Latest Technology and High-end Infrastructure

It is very important for any organization to save capital so as to incorporate in other business venture. Starting in-house customer support service might be time-consuming as well costly. Managing an infrastructure space and hiring effective employees might also exceed the capital. By outsourcing non-core tasks to call center reduces pressure on the organization and professionals as well. The call centers of India employ the latest technology, software and high-end infrastructure to provide high-quality customer support services to its customers.

5. Cost-effective services

Global organizations prefer call center India because the services offered are lucrative without compromising on the quality of the support services. Call centers are able to provide quality based services employing low-cost manpower round the clock.

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Thus, call centers in India is a major contribution of globalization enabled by newer technologies. India being one of the preferred location for outsourcing thereby achieving tremendous glory and prosperity by accomplishing long-term goals of the organizations.

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