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What Is Spoofing in a Computer and Ways to Prevent it

When you hear the term spoofing, you may not think of security. But it’s a major problem, as it conceals malicious actors with malicious intent. Spoofing attacks exploit our trust, giving them access to sensitive information, infrastructure, or even our livelihood. That’s why you should be aware of it and take the proper precautions to…

Best Ecommerce Themes of 2018

Best Ecommerce Themes of 2018

Best Ecommerce Themes of 2018 WooCommerce has become the world’s hottest e-commerce alternative, which is 1 reason Herringbone is a great selection for your online shop — it was designed particularly for WooThemes’ flagship e-commerce platform. But that is not all. To put it another way, it is going to look fantastic on most of…


Protection Against DDOS Attacks – Ultimate Guide

In the midst of the fast-paced tech world, businesses often face hacking attacks, compromising on confidential information. The Distributed Denial-of-service (DDoS) falls among the most common cyber attack these days. The DDoS involves exploit of various systems that are interconnected. Though, online security is becoming sophisticated, but hackers are eagerly looking for ways to eavesdrop…

6 Reasons To Use SaaS-Based Electronic Security Systems

As the world becomes more entwined with technology, software is reaching new heights of utility and potential. Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, is one of the ways that businesses can take advantage of that evolving technology to streamline and optimize their operations. While the vast majority of SaaS options are geared toward customer relations management, human resource…

Blog Security

Steps to Take to Protect Your Blog

Steps to Take to Protect Your Blog2 Your blog is a combination of your passion and your livelihood, and through the quality of your content, that shines through to your readers above all else. You put work and effort into it, and you hope that it will continue to grow its readership and put you…

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