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Wikipedia as a Marketing Tool: Pros and Cons!

Wikipedia is one of the greatest information hubs that possess an online existence. The site is so far an amazing encyclopedic site that contains a variety of encyclopedia about a diversified and large range of subjects. The site is currently catering to an extensive audience group that belongs to different regions of the world. The…

3d cartoon character

How to Design Unique 3D Cartoon Characters

Designing a 3D animation character requires something more than technical skills. You not only need to be a master of good animation software programs and 3D animation tools, but you are also expected to have some designing expertise. An excellent 3D cartoon character needs a combination of efficient technical skills and an outstanding sense of…

6 Internet Marketing Terms That You Must Know

The era of digitalization and the internet is what we are living in. Possibly there would be around 1 percent people on the earth who would be unaware of what these words actually are and the rest of 99 percent people would have the idea of what it is. The world was introduced with internet…

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