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How-to-Create-a-Glitch-Text-Effect-in-Canva-Blog-Banner (1)

Step by step tutorial creating eye-catching banner with glitch text

Making striking banners with glitches text may be a creative endeavour that is both visually appealing and enjoyable. Your banners will feel lively and retro-futuristic with glitch lettering. Although we’ll walk you through the procedure using Adobe Photoshop in this in-depth step-by-step tutorial, you may get comparable results using other graphic design software. Step 1:…

maths fear

Best Apps to Take Away Your Maths Fear

Maths, even this small word, can give nightmares to a grown-up adult. Some say mathematics has existed since the beginning of mankind; Maths is undoubtedly one of the most important subjects of all. Whether it is engineering, computer science, finance, or marketing, one thing common in all these fields is mathematics.  Maths is further subdivided…

right database solution

Choosing the Right Database Solution for Python Applications

Digital transformation has enabled practically any corporate organization to create information at every touchpoint, from a tiny startup to a major multinational, regardless of size. Let’s look at the relevance of the database before considering the finest Python database solutions. No matter what kind of organization, a database must organize and store its essential data….

earn money online

14 Legit Ways to Earn Money Online in 2023

There are many legitimate ways to make money online, and you can use any of them to supplement your current income. Drop shipping is one of those, but there are also plenty of other options, including writing resumes, captcha entry jobs, and designing infographics. You can learn and read more about these here. There are…

Agario hack game online at free

Gaming Errors Fixed in Seconds

What are Gaming Errors? What does an error message on a video game system mean? In gaming, this message typically appears when you are trying to play a game. Despite being a standard error, it can also have other meanings. Sometimes the error message means that your Internet connection is not stable. Sometimes, it simply…

What Do IP Addresses Mean and How Do They Work?

The majority of the world’s millions of internet users have really no idea what an IP address is or what its usage is? Regardless of the fact that it is your internet ticket, users have never had to worry about it. The IP address is a network address for your system which tells the internet…

Common Audio/video errors that you have to avoid on PC

If you have ever faced a video or audio error while using your PC, then you might need to check out these common errors! A computer is an electronic device that can have multiple errors in general, such as audio services not responding, being unable to play a video, etc. Wasn’t it annoying? Well, not…

Zefoy App: TikTok Followers & Likes

What Is TikTok? Many people think of it as a smaller version of YouTube, with videos ranging in length from five to 120 seconds. TikTok bills itself as “the leading destination for short-form mobile videos,” with the goal of “inspiring creativity and bringing joy.” TikTok is the international version of China’s Douyin app, which was…

What Is Spoofing in a Computer and Ways to Prevent it

When you hear the term spoofing, you may not think of security. But it’s a major problem, as it conceals malicious actors with malicious intent. Spoofing attacks exploit our trust, giving them access to sensitive information, infrastructure, or even our livelihood. That’s why you should be aware of it and take the proper precautions to…

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