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How to Design Unique 3D Cartoon Characters

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Designing a 3D animation character requires something more than technical skills. You not only need to be a master of good animation software programs and 3D animation tools, but you are also expected to have some designing expertise. An excellent 3D cartoon character needs a combination of efficient technical skills and an outstanding sense of designing. Even though it is not difficult to create a 3D cartoon in 2019, designing a powerful character still needs effort and proficiency. This article is to guide new animators about how they can design characters that their audience will love. Let us begin now!

Know the Background

Before you begin with the 3D cartoon designing, find out the platform where it is going to be used. It can be for a game, an advertisement, a website, a 3D animation film, or anything else. Once you know where it is going to be used, list down all the restrictions. The restriction includes what type of actions the 3D cartoon is supposed to be able to perform and what attributes they do not need. Determine the background setting to check what you should not be doing with your 3D cartoon. Noting these points down will help you have a clearer idea about your 3D cartoon character.

Start with Research

The thing that you are needed to do to design distinctive and appealing 3D cartoons is to conduct small research. Researching about the cartoon character will make you have some idea about what you are heading to. Develop a virtual prototype in your mind regarding the character, and it will help you in many decisions about your 3D cartoon during the creation process. Check out a 3D cartoon maker services that provides cartoon templates to have inspiration.

Select the Design Software

3D cartoon characters can be designed with the help of many design software and 3D cartoon maker apps. You need to check the feature of these programs and choose the one that will allow you to create your 3D cartoon model conveniently and effectively.

Make a simplistic Model First

Start with merely making a model that outlines the body shape. Do not try to design body parts with detailing in the very beginning. Use the basic forms to develop the first version of your 3D cartoon and then gradually add detailing. Observe the outcome that this stage keenly and make changes if needed.

Add Details!

When you are done designing the simple version, start with the detailing. Remember, it is not necessary to add details to each part of the 3D cartoon model. Look closely and add features only where there is a need. Over-detailing can ruin the character. Moreover, sometimes detailing is going to be wasted if the 3D cartoon is designed for something that does not require details, such as games. So check if the detailing is needed and then decide accordingly.

Moreover, work on each element of the cartoon separately. For instance, take the head and check it thoroughly. Add all the needed details and make it perfect. When you are satisfied with the head. Then, move to some other part of the body, and work on it until it is perfected. This will keep the work in order and make it easier for you to develop the character.

Follow the Nature

It is essential to observe the natural phenomena and then design your cartoon in the same way. No matter how different they look from humans in appearance, there are some actions and movements that they must perform as humans perform. This will make them more relatable for the audience and give them a more realistic look.

Keep Backups

It is very important to back up your projects and save them at multiple destinations. Save backups for each step of your project so that in case of any mistake at a certain phase, you can get back to the level where you can correct the mistake. This will save you from starting over repeatedly in case of any mistakes.

Be smart and save your Time!

There is a smart way of reusing your old 3D cartoon characters’ body parts when you need to create new characters. So whenever you successfully design a hand or a leg for a 3D cartoon, make sure you save it for future use. Moreover, you can create symmetric cartoon models, develop only one side of the body and copy it on another side.

Feedback before you Launch

Try to get some valuable feedbacks from character designers before launching your 3D cartoon. The professionals will give you good advises that will help you remove any mistakes and improve the outcome. The feedback givers will allow you to know which of the parts of the cartoon are more noticeable and need improvement. Moreover, it will help you understand the perspective of your audience.

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