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How to Keep Your Business Meeting’s Attendees Interested in Your Events with Technology

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Are you planning your next business event in the near future? One of the major concerns for every event organizer is to keep audiences interested in the proceedings of their events. Usually, when you have public events like product launch events or tradeshow booths and even for some privately organized business events like sales figures sharing or employee training sessions, it is easy for the audiences to lose interest. For audiences to be physically there and mentally somewhere else is the worst nightmare for any event organizer.

If you want to keep your audiences most interested in all proceedings of your events, you will have to take some measures. Technology products like iPads, Tablets, Laptops, VR or AV Devices and many more have the ability to keep all audiences interested in your meeting’s proceedings when done right. You don’t actually have to go too far for this one, most business meetings today have some kind of technology implementation. Here are some ways and implementations of technology products that can help your audiences understand your meeting’s agenda in a much better way:

Setup a Social Sharing Booth for Break Times

Most business meetings and events including product launches, tradeshow booths and/or general business events involve new information about products or services. Attendees for these events always prefer to share information on their social media feeds as it gets to them. For product launches and tradeshows, this will include various new product’s images and some other information as well.

To have attendees sharing information on their own devices almost all the time can easily divert their information. One of the best solutions with this problem is to organize a social media sharing booth for them in a separate room or in a corner of your meeting hall. This way, you can have small break times between sessions to allow social sharing and yet for it not to interrupt the concentration of your attendees during the times of presentation. You can find quality IPad Hire Company in your local area who can provide you with affordable rental prices for every version of the iPad to setup a social sharing booth.

IPads for Everyone

IPads are simply some of the best content sharing devices of the modern day. With the new 2018 iPad Pro line of products, these have truly become market leaders in all regards. At your business events that will largely be based around presentations and information sharing, rather than having everyone move to the pace of presenters, a great idea is to have iPads set up for everyone instead. This way, all your attendees will be able to move at their own pace flicking through slides as they feel comfortable.

A professional IPad Rental Company should be able to load all your content on their iPad hire devices before they get to you. They should also provide the option to setup all your required iPads just the way you need them. This type of a setup is particularly useful for privately organized events like employee training sessions or high quality product launches.

Good Old Large LED Walls

Large LED Walls have always been used for business events throughout the world. These cover most of you main event hall’s wall displaying content that you need on it rather beautifully. Not only events and presentations using large LED Walls look advances but are also able to keep audiences hooked up with whatever is being displayed on them.

Additionally, these extra-large LEDs can also be synced with your smaller devices offering ultimate convenience of using your smaller devices with ease and mirroring their display on a large platform. You will be able to keep your audiences interested throughout the duration of your events and also educate them for your new products, services, developments or show them sales projections on a whole different scale.

Live Q&A Polls with Technology Devices

Having hired your iPads and other technology devices like laptops for all the attendees, you can now use them to keep everyone very interested in your meetings. One of the most efficient ways to achieve maximum engagement is to arrange Q&A polls where everyone gets a question and answers with their own devices.

When you have questions that are relevant to your meeting’s agenda, everyone will keep concentrating on the meetings proceedings to answer questions correctly.

Offer Digital Swag Bags

The next steps that you can take from a live Q&A sessions is to have digital swag bags based on correct answers and also random digital gifts for you attendees. These swag bags can contain discounts for shopping at various spots, coupons or any other digital items that can be dropped right into your attendees digital IDs.

With no physical form, attendees cannot lose them as well. These are naturally great concentration pullers when you attach them with your questions asked though the Q&A polls.

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