Wikipedia as a Marketing Tool: Pros and Cons!

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Wikipedia is one of the greatest information hubs that possess an online existence. The site is so far an amazing encyclopedic site that contains a variety of encyclopedia about a diversified and large range of subjects. The site is currently catering to an extensive audience group that belongs to different regions of the world. The diversified audience group is what makes Wikipedia a very effective marketing solution.

Marketers are interested in using Wikipedia for promoting their brands because Wikipedia can reach out to an audience that is spread all across the world. That is, the site can be a great source for spreading brand awareness. There are numerous other benefits that Wikipedia can offer to the brands and thus, the idea of using Wikipedia for marketing purposing is not a bad idea. However, choosing Wikipedia as a central marketing strategy is not a wise decision for marketers, as Wikipedia marketing has a few cons as well.

This article is trying to outline all the major benefits and lacking of Wikipedia marketing so that the businesses would be able to judge how they can eliminate the lacking of this outstanding strategy while extracting all the goodness efficiently.  Lets explore the depths of how articulating a Wikipedia marketing strategy can impact the business’s marketing returns.

We are beginning with the pros of the strategy and then we will move to the cons as well.

Pros of Wikipedia Marketing!

International Recognition:

Wikipedia is a globally famous site on which every other person relies for information and so any business who would choose to use Wikipedia for marketing would become recognizable world-wide eventually. Businesses who want to expand their business in the international world can use this platform for convenient and reasonable reaching out to the international markets.

Better SEO Result

Wikipedia is a highly influential platform when it comes to SEO building. That is because the site itself has a very strong SEO of its own, as it contains numerous keywords well-knitted in its limitless content. Wikipedia pages appear on the top of the results on almost all the search engines and that is why it can be an amazing assistance for SEO building purposes if a business invests in making a Wikipedia page. This one point is a huge benefit for the companies that it justifies the act of investing good marketing budget on Wikipedia page creation services and professional Wikipedia experts.

Improved Credibility and Better Brand Image

Wikipedia provides a very efficient opportunity to companies for improving the brand image and adding value to it by demonstrating themselves as a credible entity. There are rarely any platforms that would offer this kind of benefit to its users in online marketing realm, as most of the platforms do not have a policy to keep their content authentic and free of errors to an extent similar to Wikipedia.

No Interactive Model

Wikipedia is not a complete marketing solution because it does not allow an interactive relation between its audience and the company. The site does not allow the passage of feedback and neither does it promote any sort of direct communication between the company and the target audience. This is why businesses need other marketing strategies along with Wikipedia so that they can cover the lacking.

No direct Promotion

The content for Wikipedia is not allowed to have any sort of business or direct promotions in it. The reason is that the site does not want to have any content that will make the credibility of the site questionable. However, businesses need some content that will promote them directly and so, business need to have other marketing options along with Wikipedia.

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