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6 Reasons You Need A New Website

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In this internet age, every person seeks information online. Do you have a website that is in sync with current trends? If not, then you should get one. The website provides first-hand information to users about your product or service. It helps to promote and advertise your product through different mediums too.

A website gives complete access to customers to contact you and provide feedback. You can put across your ideas and maintain a better relationship with your consumers through a website. A website increases your sales and helps to get more clients for your business.
Increasing your brand’s visibility is important and the website does that for you. The first thing people do when they hear a brand name or product is that they search them online or look for their website. If you don’t have a website for your business or product, then that may be a turn off for people.

Website not only represents your business but also provide credibility. A website is the first impression that you make on your potential customers. The best part about a website is that your customers can access it 24/7 to seek information about your brand or product. Thus, it’s important for every business to have a website. If you already have a website, but it is not getting you the conversions you envisioned, then the cause for it might be the below-mentioned reasons.

Reasons You Need A New Website

1. Website Design is Outdated

Do you know that an outdated website design looks unprofessional? Bigger brands and companies keep updating their designs to make sure it syncs with trends. If your website design is old, it’ll affect your site traffic. An old design will not really appeal to your potential clients. So, its important that you update your design and add new site elements.

A business website needs revamping from time-to-time. Attractive website design will give your brand more visibility. A website that looks good will appeal to the existing as well as the new users visiting your site. You need to update the design concept and add relevant content on the site. Website design also plays an important part in SEO. If your website design is attractive, it’ll not only attract more users but also improve the conversion rate.

2. Web Design is Not Mobile Responsive

Almost every person uses mobile for browsing today. In fact, mobile optimization has also become important for SEO. If your website does not have a mobile responsive design, then it can affect your site traffic. A miniature version of a website looks outdated. Responsive web design makes changes according to screen size and flexibility.

It takes care of padding, site elements, and margins. A responsive design makes sure that the reader reads the website in full capacity without zooming in and out. The content, in such design, is readable and visible, unlike a non-responsive web design.

A website that is mobile responsive can increase traffic flow to your site and provide great results for SEO. It was proved in a recent survey that 83% of people like a website that is seamless on every device. Whether you access a website from your mobile, desktop or tablet, it should be optimized according to the screen. Responsive design is fast and easy to access too. If you already have a website and its not optimized for mobile, then do it now.

3. Great Design and Simple Management

A website should have a great design with a clean user interface. Complicated websites are a turn off for people. If your website design is engaging and attractive, then it’ll have a great impact on new customers as well. Keep it classy and cater to the demand of your customer. Don’t go over the top with design and other elements.

If your website is not updated or is outdated, then you may also lose customers. It’s important to add new content to your site relevant to your business. Add new products if you are expanding your business. Every business activity should be updated to inform your customers. Update your website gallery as pictures drive more traffic to the site. Also, use a content management system like WordPress for managing your website. Simple management of the site will improve visibility and increase traffic.

4. Issues With Your Website

Difficulty in navigation, cluttered web design, slow website speed are all issues that need to be dealt with post-haste. If your site does not open properly or there is an unknown error, then it’s about time that you update your site. However, even an updated site won’t work well at times, in which case building a new site is important.

Look out for web hosting warning signs to choose a good hosting company. Pick a suitable site management system for your new site. No one would like to visit a site with issues or a site that does not load on time. All these issues have to be fixed or else it can create a bad reputation for your business.

Also, check if your site has any broken links. A website with broken links can affect SEO and traffic. Issues with a site can also have a negative impact on your rankings and this would affect lead generation & conversions.

5. Competitor’s Site is Better

In this competitive world, you can’t avoid your competitor’s website. If the brand is similar and your competitor’s site is superior, then you need to up your game. It’s important that you make a new website that’ll give your competitor a tough competition. You need to be creative with your approach.

Stay updated with things that attract people to the site. Know what is engaging and what turns people off? If your competitor’s site gives you a great feeling being a reader, then you need to optimize your website in the right direction. It’s not solely about the competition, it’s also about how you’ll make your website shine.

New website design or a layout always works. If your site is good, naturally it’ll attract more customers. Keep the user interface friendly and make it more interactive. Most websites have a live chat feature for interacting with clients. You can design according to new trends and features too.

6. Not Search Engine Optimized and Outdated Branding

Keywords stuffing can affect SEO. Slow website speed and unoptimized images can affect SEO. If your site has no relevant content or you haven’t updated your site’s content for a long time, then it can affect your site’s traffic. In short, there are many factors that can affect SEO. Design, performance, and content are some important factors. You need to update your site or create a new one according to SEO.

It’ll not only improve brand exposure but also increase traffic and rankings. An SEO optimized site with great titles and Meta keywords is also approved by Google ranking system. If your site’s rank is good, it will drive more customers too.

Rebranding is also important for your business. If you have re-branded your business logo, card, and merchandise, then you should do the same with your site. Write new content for the site, change the design and add new elements, this will all help to make the site look attractive.

Final thoughts

A professional website is important for small and big business organizations. Branding or designing a new website is a good way to increase your sales and gain more attention. Keep your new website design simple, classy and feature-rich. The website does play an important part in this digital age, so make it look good.

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