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Facebook Post How to Make Your Guest Post more SEO friendly

How to Make Your Guest Post more SEO friendly?

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Facebook Post How to Make Your Guest Post more SEO friendlyThese days, all growth seeking IT companies are involved in Guest Blogging. With its help, they aim to get their articles published on different web platforms, generate high-quality backlinks to websites, and receive business opportunities worth millions of dollars every month.

All digital marketing professionals involved in Guest blogging always try to make posts more useful as far as possible in order to increase the chances of their approval by the person who is ready to publish guest articles on his/her web platform. Despite several attempts, on a number of occasions, articles intended for Guest Blogging are rejected by the blogger stating different reasons.

In general, no blogger like to publish low-quality articles on his platform. Everyone loves SEO-ready text. So, how to make your guest blog articles SEO-friendly? Let’s find out.

1. Perform Keyword Research

Keyword analysis is the first step to write SEO-ready articles. It is an integral part of any search engine optimization strategy. So, before you start content writing, think about what search queries your visitors use to find their desired products and services. The correct analysis of keywords is important to understand what search criteria your audience is guided by. Determine primary, secondary and broad match keywords to promote your brand on the web.

2. A Proper Planning & Analysis

Always keep in mind that Guest Blogging articles represent your marketing messages and brand to another company in the same niche. So, it is very important for you to create a definite plan for guest blogging and sick to it. Contact the owners of other websites and blogs with a brief introduction and send your titles for approval. Your titles should be unique and offer something new to the targeted audience. Once your titles are approved, start writing Guest Blogging Articles with ultimate care.

3. Good Structure of your Write-up

Maintaining a reliable structure of your write-up is an important part of Guest Blogging & SEO. If your content is well structured, it will be easier for Google to understand it and display them in search results. Users also appreciate easy-to understand content. The success in guest blogging campaigns is ensured by the fact that you concentrate on one topic more than on others.

4. Catchy Titles and Subtitles

Catchy titles and subtitles are necessary to make articles more attractive and effective. While writing content, write unique and attractive title and subtitles. Make sure your title and subtitles are no more than maximum 70 characters. Make it short and effective. It must let users grasp the main essence of content easily and quickly.

5. No Keyword Stuffing

In simple words, keyword stuffing is an unlawful SEO practice in which SEO Experts try to insert more keywords in content to help search engines easily find the material and display in the top search results. Major search engines dislike keyword stuffing and can mark your content SPAM for this unlawful activity. While writing content, place keywords appropriately. Its ratio should not exceed more than 2% of the whole content.

6. Easy and Simple Language

All those who land on your site are not the man of letters. A popular website is visited by people of different age groups, such as small kids, college going students, working professionals, shoppers, females, entrepreneurs, old people, etc. If you write content in complex and difficult language, nobody is going to use a dictionary to understand the meaning of difficult words used in your content. Therefore, it is always beneficial to write content in the easiest and simplest language. Keep the sentence structure simple and concise & use common words people use in their daily life. This will improve the readability score of your content up to a great extent. Easy to understand content is likely to be viewed and read by a large number of visitors.

7. Insert HD Images

Always keep in mind that high-quality HD images increase the potential of your content up to a great extent. Guest blogs accompanied with relevant images make it easier for visitors to understand the main message of the content and make decisions quickly. Click images yourself, trim its shape and size as per your needs, add ALT attributes and insert it in the content.

8. Hyperlinking

The ultimate goal of any guest blogger is to educate the existing and potential audience about certain products and services. Informed and conscious customers are likely to give more business opportunities. So, while writing content, hyperlink useful articles to make it more valuable. It helps visitors to get more content to read. Search engines give more importance to such articles and you get its business benefits sooner or later.

9. Insert Data & Charts in Content

Gone are the days when Internet users used to believe the words written by webmasters. If you make a claim about any product or services, it is always advisable to insert data and charts about it. It will glamorize your content & make it more effective than content already live on the Internet.

10. Add Video Transcript to Every Content

One of the most effective ways to convey information to the client is to add small informative videos to the content. These days, video production industry occupies one of the leading positions in the advertising market. The popularity of video content is easily explained by the need for resurgent business organisations.

With the help of the video, even dry information can be presented clearly and it becomes easier to attract user attention. You can add promotional videos to the content as advertising is necessary for all business organisations. It helps you to increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty to the brand. After viewing your video, buyers remember your products and services for a long period of time and give repeat business to you. It also helps you to reduce the bounce rate of the site up to a great extent.

Final Words

Once again, Guest blogging is gaining momentum as an important way to increase website traffic and get more business opportunities. Use these methods to make your articles more suitable and SEO-ready and get the desired success in guest blogging. Best of Luck!

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Hi, my name is Jack. I have the experience of working over seven years as a senior PHP developer at Stellen Infotech. As a top Web development company, we create beautiful and robust web solutions that help you enter the target market and achieve maximum results. I am a passionate blogger who likes to write and share everything about new web design and development techniques.

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