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Main Areas That Will Influence The Internet Marketing Arena In 2014

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Internet Marketing Trends 2014

Internet Marketing Trends 2014

Predictions are coming in from different online marketers. Online marketing strategies are changing drastically due to the evolution of social media platforms, content marketing, infographics, mobile friendly applications, relevant Search Engine Optimization(SEO), browser cookies. So, internet marketing is getting difficult in the upcoming years. In this article, it is discussed about the methods or the tactics that are predicted to influence internet marketing in 2014.

Internet Marketing Tactics:

Content Marketing continues to rule in media and marketing industry. Content marketing refers to creating high quality branded editorial media, which can be published across multiple platforms so as to encourage brand recognition and customer buy-in. Content Marketing includes creating, sharing and publishing high quality and relevant content to gain and keep customers. Communicate with your customers and inspire loyalty & business.

Almost every week there comes a new social media platform. It is neceassry to do the research and know on which platform your audience is spending more time. Investment in social platforms is essential to improve social signals, to create business awareness and for increased customers loyalty. Most of the companies that are upfront are developing social media departments as the trend of social media marketing is never going to end.

The future of online marketing lies in images. Instagram, Pinterest and tumblr have proven visual e-commerce is the wave of 2014. Good content is essential, but consumers are inclined more to interact with a site and with other consumer via images. So, go ahead and use video and articles, but don’t neglect the use of brand imagery as the part of your internet marketing strategies.

Most of the people are now using mobile phones for their required search on the web. Accept the challenge and design a mobile friendly site. Check out the providers who can give you the responsive design for your email templates and website. These are compatible across all devices – tablets, computers and mobile phones. Now more than 84% of the consumers use smartphones for searching their queries and for emailing. This responsive site and email template helps to gain customers.

Search Engine Optimization is not the repetition of keywords. You have to think about where you want your content to go and then form a strategy by identifying what exactly your customers want. Many times, the languages that is used by the customers does not mirror your marketing words. For this you have to conduct keyword research to see what is trending, what your customers are entering in their search query. Turn into who your customers are and turn away from what the customers want.

Try to keep your marketing campaigns simple. Today’s customer is always in hurry and wants the information and content to the point and quickly. Therefore, think about, what your customers want. Promote your products and services for consumer’s purpose. They will buy, need and come back, if you publish what they need.

Summary: Aforesaid are the main areas that will influence the online marketing in 2014. Consider all these areas while promoting your products and services online.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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