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Where Web Design is Going in 2019

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Web design, over the years, has shifted to extensive designing that includes anything and everything to opt from white space to typography, layout to colors, and what not. The boundaries have expanded and paved the way for the right yet best website designing company and globally to experiment more with expressing thoughts and ideas. The broader picture shows no possible design element being left out while we talk about Web design trends of 2019.



Creative and Original Illustrations

Do you get fascinated by visuals? Do fancy illustrations entice you? Ever thought why are these illustrations so appealing? Illustrations are acknowledged to leave a better and lasting impact on the viewer’s mind especially kids. As they help in developing learning skills among kids similarly bold headlines accompanied with allied illustrations are widely getting accepted among adults too making it one trend to look for in 2019. While you hire SEO expert this year, the idea behind should be making use of original and creative illustrations to convey the message to the audience or convolute on the brand using images.


Serifs on Screen

Everything that comes simply is not acceptable and needs some dynamism to be added to it. Since long it is an accepted fact that san serifs are to be used for screen and serifs for print. The website copies are considered more favorable in sans due to its clean readability however off late, the creative minds and enthusiast brands are turning towards using more of bold serifs in headers, callouts etc. Even though it is considered a thing of the past, they are much more adaptable and impactful.


Typography Uniqueness and Creativity

Interactive is the way to be. Creating enticing and interactive typography to tell your story online is what keeps the audience engaged. Enhancing the overall usability and optimizing the design to make every character say its story is no passing fad and is gaining importance among users and brands both. Legible typography is what one should look for to lay a robust foundation for apt web design since it allows the use of various styles, margins, line heights, faces, spacing alignments and more to break the monotony arising out of static grids.


Glitch Art

Retro design is meant to make a comeback every now and then. A proficient yet website designer must consider adding the retro effect in this era where computers are so invasive and are feared to take over. Glitch art is nothing but the retro effect gone wrong i.e. an unintentional striking like distortions happening when the dial-up connection is slow or so. The disruptive technology has led way to audience expecting more appealing subject matter in terms of both ideas as well as design execution capable of drawing the audience attention to the website elements that are double exposed, warped and glitchy. This is what makes us connect with the strange futuristic time we are living in.


Unique Scrolling

Want to follow the wave of future sweeping away the audience along? Consider incorporating the swipe-based gestures into not only mobile version websites but desktop oriented websites too. Creating a unique scrolling experience that is acceptable on all interfaces i.e. tablet, desktop and mobile have augmented the stress on horizontal scrolling leaving a greater impression and impact on the users. While you hire SEO expert, to ensure that the right emphasis is laid on using horizontal web layouts since it gives the audience the chance to gulp in the information in smaller amounts.


Purposeful Animation

Animations have always fascinated the audience. They add distinctiveness and interactivity to the design, delivering visual delight to the audience, enhancing user engagement and expanding wings through augmented user interaction. Adding visual effects to your web design in various animation forms not only triggers user interaction but also leaves a lasting impact on their mind. Whatever it be, whether it circles enveloping the images or shadowed drawings or perhaps rotating image view – every single thing matters, provided it is utilized in just the right way emphasizing on the message to be conveyed.


Overlapping Design Elements

The asymmetrical design is not new and is here to stay at least for the year 2019. Images overlapping shapes and text overlapping images are taking over the website design due to the appeal they have, creating contrast while trying to highlight a topic on the web page or site. What seems traditional has been here for a while paving the path for more uniqueness and creativity in representing your thoughts and ideas, setting new standards with every element that forms part of the web design.



The year 2019 will have chatbots in the spotlight. They have been here for a while however with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning picking up a fast pace, the indispensability of utilizing their intelligence and efficiency is crucial. With the new chatbots capable of displaying much more on web pages with higher customization levels, the user-friendliness and interaction is sure to see a boost. Further, the chatbots are expected to get a personified face with friendly mascots added to represent a brand. Instant responses to the users, auto-suggestions by Google, integrated auditory and textual methods will ease access to information enhancing efficiency and saving time.


Organic Shapes

Human touch is important and so does the engagement pattern that keeps the audience spend time on your website. Web designs that emphasize on feeling alive using the illusion of movement are much more accessible and comfortable for 2019. The transition from systematic grids to smooth lines, natural shapes and geometric structures like triangles, rectangles, and squares with sharp corners are bound to stay. Similarly, the natural imperfection and asymmetry of organic shapes allow the page elements to stand out across web pages. The freely drawn elements based in nature like a curving line depicting hills and trees are more likely to capture the spontaneity of the moment.

Understanding and following the trend does not necessarily mean emptying your pockets however best website designing company staying abreast with the trends is what you actually need.


Author Bio

Sandeep Mehta is a polished website designer and digital marketer with multi-disciplinary skills accentuating his creative expertise in every project handled and delivered by him. His scope of work is wide stretched across different web channels offering comprehensive solutions based on innovation, creativity, and uniqueness. Your decision to hire SEO expert who is well versed in the process ends here.

Visit here: https://www.sandeepmehta.co.in/services/freelance-website-designer-delhi/

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