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Reasons why companies should not do without a website

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The Internet has become a valuable tool for many people. They use it not only in leisure time, but also for work. Even companies can advertise their services or goods online and thus gain new customers. But about 22 percent of all companies worldwide do not have a website. However, this can stop one’s own success and jeopardize important revenues.

That’s why a company’s own website is essential for companies

Most companies, which do not yet have a website, do not know the advantages of the Internet presence. They think the cost of a homepage is too high. Likewise, they believe that there are no concrete benefits for a website. But that’s not right. A website doesn’t have to cost much. At the same time, it increases your own reach and makes it possible to reach and address even more customers. It is important to choose a homepage and build it conscientiously. With the right tools and an experienced team, you can create a professional website within a short time.

As the Internet became more and more important in the 1990s, web agencies also developed. They set up tailor-made websites for many companies for a lot of money. This supported the view that homepages are expensive and companies can save themselves money. But this view is now outdated. Many people already look at the offers of numerous companies on the Internet during breakfast. However, not all companies are represented on the Internet. Especially small and medium-sized companies don’t dare to take the step of owning their own website. A modern homepage can be obtained cost-effectively yourself or with the help of agencies at favourable conditions. Especially homepages, which can be created with simple modular systems, cost almost nothing. No technical knowledge is required either. The result, however, can be clearly seen.

These benefits brings companies their own website

A website doesn’t have to be expensive. Companies can therefore use the opportunity to make themselves better known with a homepage. Companies all over the world can therefore benefit from their own corporate presence on the Internet. However, more than 85 percent of all customers find companies that are not based in the immediate vicinity via search engines. It is therefore advantageous if the website is search engine-optimized and can therefore be found by many customers.

Thanks to the homepage, potential customers get more than just an insight into the company’s offer. You will also get to know the team, the company philosophy and the way of working. The homepage is like your own business card. If the website is structured advantageously and offers everything that customers want, the website definitely contributes to success.

In addition to the homepage, it is of course possible to use the Internet for other purposes. Social media platforms are now available in many different variants. Here, too, companies can take advantage of the opportunities to interact with customers and present themselves. All of this helps to attract new customers and retain customers. So companies that use the Internet for their own success can only gain and expand their own success.

Stanislaus Okwor is a Web Designer / Developer based in Lagos - Nigeria. He is the Director at Stanrich Online Technologies. He is knowledgeable in Content management System - Wordpress, Joomla and PHP/MySQL etc

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