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5 Must Have Tools For All The Beginner Digital Marketers

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Forget the traditional methods of marketing because the digital marketing has become the king of marketing around the world. The mediums of digital marketing are influencing and promoting the products and brand with much more effective than all the other traditional marketing tools and mediums even combine. The best part of the digital marketing apart from its impact on the masses is that it is much affordable and easy to get marketing service than all the traditional marketing methods.

This method is quite new as compared to other marketing methods that is why the digital marketers are still experimenting with this method and trying to find new tools and ways to increase the effect of the digital marketing. That is why people who are associated with this industry need some tools which can help them to market brands and to take them to their customers.

That is why it is important for every beginner digital marketer to know the right tools that can make them more effective. In the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you about those five tools, that every beginner digital marketer should use to perform better.


Social media marketing is one of the most important branches of digital marketing in which you have to use the algorithm of different social media mediums to reach out the consumers better. Moreover, using all the major social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc. are important to make sure that you are not leaving any corner to reach your brand’s customers.

In this, the Buffer can help you big time. The Buffer is one of the best tools to manage all your social media profiles. With this tool, you can manage all your profiles at one place and allows you to schedule and analyze all your social media activities. For example, if you are marketing accounting dissertation help service on Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, then you can manage all your postings at one place through Buffer.


Content is one of the most important parts of digital marketing. If you have a good writer with you or your content strategy is good, then you can easily market any brand and can hit the hearts of the audience. However, writing content for marketing brands is not as easy as it may sound. For this, you have to follow the trends and has to keep yourself updated.

For this, you first need to know which type of content is generating the conversion by striking the chords of the user. That is where a tool named Buzzsumo can help you a lot. This is a tool which tells you that what type of the content is creating buzz on the internet and what exactly customers wants its favorite brands to talk about. All you have to do with this tool is to type in the search query and see a list of contents that are getting popular on the internet.

       Hello Bar:

One of the most hated things on the internet is the popup window. We all hate to see the popups that come out from nowhere whenever you try to search anything. Moreover, it was a notion in the past that the popup does increase the conversions because the stats used to show it. But now the trends are changing and people hate to see a popup on any website. That is why it is recommended to use any alternate of it.

Talking about the alternates, the Hello Bar is the top contender of it. The Hello Bar is a great tool that converts your website visitors into your customers. This tool helps in growing your email list by expanding your fan base on social mediums and promote your offers in the masses. With this, you can get great helping in building up your clientele.


In the days of excessive use of social media and SEO, the email marketing is still striving and the marketers are making sure that the email could live long enough to become a leading horse in digital marketing once again. However, the email marketing is still producing results and in some industries, the email is still the best option to market your product or service.

For the best use of email, the MailChimp is the great tool which can provide you the most effective features to play with. MailChimp has the potential of maximizing your sales through the email. The MailChimp is a tool which not only sends the email to the masses but also collects their feedback and data too. After that, this data can be used for the better use of other mediums only after in-depth analysis.

       Google Analytics:

For the better marketing, it is important to keep all the stats on the check. You have to know where the visitors are coming from on your website and which page of your website is getting more traffic. Moreover, it is also important to know about the traffic or the visitors that your website is getting. You have to make sure that you are getting traffic from your desired location on which you have invested your efforts. Then, that all data and stats can be used to create better marketing strategies. You can also analyze the performance of your last strategy and how it works and can also find out what goes wrong with it.

For this, you need a tool which can generate all those stats. The Google Analytics is the biggest online tool, especially for the digital marketers. The Google Analytics is a tool which tells you about all the activities related to your website. It not only tells you about the traffic that you are getting, but it also shows the real-time visitors on your website. The Google Analytics is an in-depth tool which can even show you the IP address of your visitors. To take your journey further in the digital marketing industry, you have to learn the use of Google Analytics and setting goals in it so you can manage a website on your own.


Author Bio:

The Abbott Ace is a Masters in Marketing from the Stockholm University and nowadays pursuing his career in the fields related to digital marketing. He always had a talent for writing that is why he focuses primarily on writing content for the digital marketing strategies. With his impeccable writing talent, he also runs his own academic writing company which provides custom dissertation service to the students in need

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