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What’s The Difference between Logo Design and Branding?

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We all know that logo is instant image of a company like McDonald’s golden arches (M), Nike’s swoosh or Starbucks green mermaid. But what is branding? It refers to a set of perceptions that customers have about your company. Though logo is only a small mark that every brand needs to have but a brand includes every holistic touch-point that your customers have with the company.

However, many companies work in the realm of logo design and logo branding but the Logo Design California creates have no comparison worldwide. Before you understand working methodology that California follows for creating logo designs, you need to understand the difference between logo design and logo branding. In this article, we shed light upon the difference between logo design and logo branding.

To understand a difference between logo design and logo branding, we will use Nike as an example.

Nike’s logo is important. It is a simple clean shape that denotes high speed and motion. The name Nike has been taken from the greek Winged Goddess of Victory. Its simplicity and elegance is matchless. Its branding includes sports, celebrity endorsements, commercials, product packaging, and product placement in movies, sponsorships, in-store hangtags and graphics as it covers all the touch points, which you have built with Nike.


What exactly is Branding?

Branding refers to the process of creating a unique image and name for a product in the mind of a consumer with the help of advertising campaigns, which keepa theme consistent. It aims to establish a strong and differentiated footing in the market so that it can attract new customers and retain the loyal customers.

What exactly is Logo designing?

It denotes the process of designing a logo, emblem, graphic mark or symbol to explain an ideology of a company to the visitors.

Why does Branding matter?

It matters because customers cannot get an experience about the company in the form of a logo that is floating to them in a matrix-like vacuum. They perceive your brand with help of your website, your product packaging, your commercials, or your menu. It is significant that a particular design company that is striving hard to create a logo should understand that your logo is not a depiction of a complete picture but a tiny part of a wide range of graphics.

Mistake that most business owners make

A common mistake that business owners make is thinking that a logo design has more impact than branding. Having said, following are the notions, which come into their mind:

  • They think that potential customers looks at a logo first
  • They think that if a logo is good, then only it will have an intellectual and emotional reaction
  • They think that customers purchase a particular service or product instantly after looking at a logo

If business owners think that branding works this way then they expect things that have nothing to do with branding. They expect that they will have a strong and positive reaction upon seeing a new concept of their company’s logo but they seldom do. No business owner has a strong emotional reaction after seeing a new logo design for a company.

However, they consider a logo design bad because it doesn’t invoke a strong emotion in them. They think a good logo should induce a strong emotional reaction in them but it is a wrong perception.

What really works?

The logo itself doesn’t trigger any emotion of positivity from us but does something very different than what we have known about it till now. When a potential customer looks at the logo, they remember all the experiences that they have had with a particular brand if they are familiar with it. These memories generate an intellectual and emotional response. Once, this response is triggered; a customer decides to purchase a product.

Which is more important- logo or branding?

Both a compelling logo and a strong brand have their own significance in the world of digital marketing. If you have a desire to establish a strong footing of your company in the market and drive its growth, then you have to use both of them as important tools.

For example, there are a few companies that have many creative and recognizable logos but they hold no respect in the eyes of a customer. Similarly, there are companies that you love for their products or services though they don’t have a very creative logo.

Logo is an outcome of a wide process of branding and explores the vision, proposition and value. Logo and branding process cannot exist without the support of each other.

Power leveraged behind a great logo

There is an actual power that is leveraged behind a logo but not simply in the design of the logo or its creativity but in the definition, articulation, uniqueness and clarity of a brand.

Why does logo needs branding?

Though a logo has a very strong visual appeal but still it cannot take the place of branding. A logo cannot work properly if there is no proper branding because branding gives worth to a logo and validates its importance while a logo is a benchmark that branding needs to channelize itself.

Strong Reputation Logo Designs California Have Built

California is considered as a hallmark of logo designing services. It provides the best logo design services across the globe. This is the reason why California has a strong reputation when it comes to designing logos or creating brand identities.


It is quite challenging to understand the trends of logo designing in this highly competitive era, but still companies in California are managing to take the lead in this realm of digital marketing. Few companies are performing so well in the genre of logo design that they have out battled the competitors. The logo designs California have, are imbued with creativity, excellence, uniqueness, and accuracy.


Author’s bio

Harry Lawrence is an expert digital marketing strategist. He know how to carve different strategies on the realm of marketing. With an experience of over a decade, he is continuing to serve as a proponent digital marketer at a reputable digital marketing agency in California, analyzing the latest trends and ongoing in logo design California.

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