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The Guide to Designing and Developing Your Blog on WordPress

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In the contemporary times, blogging is becoming a popular way o earning for many people. There are different types of topics on which you can blog and with the help of the various free blogging and website designing platforms, creating your own blog is becoming way easier than ever before. There are different host platforms some of which are free of cost in the initial stage like the WordPress. There are other choices as well which provide free hosting in the initial stage up to a particular limit, but WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular choice among the people across the world. There are several advantages associated with WordPress which make it such a popular choice. The features and the plugins together make it a worthy choice and hence more and more people who are opting for blogging are choosing WordPress as there platform.

What does having a blog of your own mean?

Having your own blogs gives you an independent platform to express your opinion on specific factors. It can be anything and everything that you are experienced in. Blogging gives you the platform to put forward your views on particular topics which are close to your heart, and you have proper research work on them. It is a platform to enrich yourself further by discussing your ideas with people who have views on the similar topics through your blog. Here we are going to guide you about the various ways in which you can design your own blog with the help of the free hosting provided by WordPress and the benefits of choosing WordPress for developing your website. There are several features which you may have to learn about well before you go forward to establishing your blog.

Why choose WordPress?

The first and foremost thing to be clarified is why the WordPress platform has to be chosen and what are the advantages associated with it. The WordPress platform is extremely user-friendly and has many theme s and templates for designing any variety of website you want. You can easily customize these templates according to your choice and give it an entirely new and unique look. It is an advantage that you can enjoy with WordPress alone, and no other platform allows this freedom at least while you are on a free subscription. The various plugins for the website will enable you to enhance the site technically in many ways. You do not have to learn a lot about coding to use these plugins on the website. You can easily install them and get their benefits and also get the instructions about using them on the go.

Better functionality – WordPress offers you better functionality to grow your website. You may opt for WordPress plugins available for your domainIf you want your website or your blog to perform with the improved functionality. You will find there are more than 8000 plugins that you may use for your business operations. The WordPress is the perfect medium for blogging and content management especially for sharing a lot of information among your readers and clients. In case you need a WordPress plugin, the process of downloading it is very simple. You just need to download plugin and unzip it. Upload the plugin to the folder directory and to activate the software simply go to Admin section of your business blog for activating it.The code of WordPress is a PHP one, and this means it is visible to anyone who wishes to have a look at it. You will also find that WordPress has wide range of functions that includes comprehensive documentation to assist programmers in working in its network. Even if someone is not very proficient with PHP, can work with the Themes and Plugins of WordPress. He or she does not have to put in too much effort.

Image quality and editing images

The WordPress platform has a gallery where all the pictures that you are using on your website get stored, and you can easily browse through it and find out which image is the one you are looking for. The WordPress platform does not compress the images unless you specify so in the configuration and hence your image quality for the blog would always be crystal clear. That, in turn, would make your website very aesthetically appealing to the viewers and they would keep coming back to the site for more. The WordPress website even has the options to edit and crop a particular image and add captions to it which are features which are very helpful for bloggers who are generating contents which require images along with them. You can seek professional help from Tayloright.

The speed of the website

In average viewers prefer sites with an average speed of download that is less than 3 seconds, and you must make sure that the theme that you are choosing for your website ensure that it downloads easily. It is one of the significant factors that you must take note of in order to make sure that the site that you have is working fine and also getting more and more traffic. The dedicated followers that you have as blogger determine to a considerable extent the website’s popularity and hence should be taken seriously and ensure that your followers do not feel any inconvenience as they browse your site.

You will find that WordPress will that notifies you if upgrades are available for your operating system or plugins with automatic updating feature. You will notified if any upgrades are available. You just need to click on a link to upgrade it.


It can be concluded that the WordPress platform is one of the best choices that you have for website design and blogs. There are many types of factors which you should take into consideration to get the best output from the WordPress blogs. The high quality of the WordPress platform makes it a perfect solution to all kinds of website design requirements that you have.

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