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Top 3 Sales CRM for design and digital marketing agencies and why?

Customer relation management (CRM) software have revolutionized business operations; from marketing to finance, the software takes care of most trivial tasks so that employees can focus on generating revenue.

Regardless of the type of organization, a business sales CRM helps a company streamline processes, and increase collaboration within departments. It gives a 360-view of the organization and serves as a single platform for information collection, which reduces data duplication and hence chances of error.

CRM can prove to be quite useful for digital marketing agencies in the form of audience targeting, data collection, analytics, and marketing automation. Here are the three best CRMs that a design and digital marketing agency can capitalize on.

1. Agile CRM

The marketing automation software is an ideal solution for a digital marketing agency. The software comes with numerous features that allows effective consultative selling. With Agile’s marketing automation software, you can design your own multi-step marketing campaigns and automate them. It also allows you send automatic email replies based on time or your contacts.

Through Agile’s free email newsletter templates, you can send your customers periodic emails and also keep a track of who is opening and clicking them. Agile makes it easier to contact customers on multiple social media channels with automated tweets.

One of the most useful features is perhaps behaviour-based segmentation of your contacts. You can categorize your contacts based on their actions, add relevant tags to them and automatically send them targeted campaigns. You can trigger these campaigns using custom conditions such as the addition of a new contact or  lead. Moreover, you can capture leads through custom popups such as surveys feedback forms and signup forms.

Agile also offers social CRM that has two functions: it provides you with all the tools through which you can conduct social media monitoring and automation and it integrates with social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook to pull out profiles of your contacts for complete data.

You can easily schedule Tweets and automate social interactions directly from the dashboard. If you add a Twitter widget to your contact page, you can use the social CRM to monitor the platform. The software will inform you instantly if someone talks about your product, company or even competition. You can also select specific keywords to follow. Through Twitter node you can send personalized tweets to customers and leads such as a ‘Thankyou’ tweet or a customized discount.

The software will cost you $8.99 per user per month if you sign up for two years. Yearly payment will cost $9.99 per user per month, while monthly payment will cost $14.99 per user per month.

2. Admation

Used by some of the most famous brands such as Oreo and Cadbury and ad agencies such as M&CSaatchi, Admation is one useful tool for digital agencies. Admation’s project management has been specifically designed for creative projects. It improves collaboration and helps you deliver projects on time. With its marketing calendar, you can view projects in progress. You can also create campaigns by entering project key dates and your marketing calendar will take care of the deadlines and also send you reminders on the your mobile device.

You can add your team members according to their roles. This will also let you determine access levels each member can have for each project. With the software, you no longer need to worry about managing your documents. You can store all your briefs, media schedules and estimates in one central location and all your team members can easily access any information that they need. Admation also creates timelines and updates them in real time.

The software also allows resource management. A department dashboard allows each worker to set their core working hours plus holidays, which help the company determine each department’s capacity. Through the dashboard, account managers can easily assign tasks to each department. Account managers can also sort tasks based on deadline, client, or campaign.

Admation knows that users hate updating timesheets and hence it has automated them. Resource utilization and forecasting is one handy feature. You can generate weekly and monthly summaries on demand to get a complete view of the resources utilized. It allows managers to check where projects overlap and assess any lack of resources.

3. Adluge

Adluge is an inbound marketing and client management portal specifically designed for marketing agencies. It is an all-in-one solution that helps you manage and convert all your leads for all your client campaigns.

You can easily manage multiple accounts and multiple campaigns from one single dashboard. The reporting modules allow you to track how your marketing campaigns performed based on specific criteria such as total revenue generated, cost per customer etc.

Through the dashboard you can also keep a track of your past and future meetings. The software can synchronize with Google calendar and you can set reminders for each meeting.

Adluge for inbound marketers helps digital marketing agencies dig insights and keep track of all potential clients through phone calls and online forms. The software also comes with landing page builder that allows each team member to design and publish responsive landing pages. The software also entails other features such as email marketing and form building among others.

This smart software comes with different pricing plans. If you want the software for 1000 accounts, it will cost you $100 per month and if you are a small business and need only 25 accounts, it will cost you around $150 per month.

With a plethora of options available in the market, choosing the right CRM can be a difficult task. Hence, before you start shopping for a software, define what your goals and objectives are. If you are not sure about what you want out of the software, you are likely to be lost. Also, don’t be impressed by the number of features that a CRM offers, choose a software that you will actually use. A useful CRM is one that is simple, easy-to-use and is integrated with apps that you already rely on.

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