Why and How to Buy Facebook Likes, the Easy Way: Marketing Strategies

Buying Facebook likes is not just for those who want to boost their fame and popularity on Facebook page, but also for marketing and advertising. This is especially true for personalities who are linked with an online venture. The “like campaign” is pretty popular. We will discuss the steps to employ in order to buy facebook likes from company’s likes Ibuyfans the rationale behind it and the advantages and opportunities it can offer to you and your business.

Out of all the forms of media like buying on Twitter ads, Google, YouTube or even TV commercials or other forms of marketing, Facebook marketing still continues to be the number one dominant force of advertising. This is because Facebook still continues to be the number one platform, where people mostly hang out. In addition, Facebook’s ad platform is specially designed to specifically reach your target audience.

Why Buy Facebook Likes?

Buy Facebook Likes

Buy Facebook Likes

Why buy Facebook likes? This is definitely not just for getting new leads; it is also for brand positioning. When you are running advertisements on Facebook, it creates a unique opportunity, where people can see you everywhere. You can run targeted Facebook ads to your specific target market, and clients can see you in different platforms. You can even remarket and serve client ads through Google content that work throughout the internet. Have you ever purchased something in a big branch website and all of a sudden you found out that the shoes that you buy are popping all around you? Facebook advertising through buying Facebook likes can help you do that.

Buying Facebook likes is not only for branding and repositioning, but also for lead flow. Any business needs an e-mail list to survive and e-mail list still continues to be one of the best ways to follow up, add value and stay in touch with your audience.  With the use of Facebook ads, you can target specific prospects, giving them value in exchange for their e-mail address. This is called “Facebook Marketing Funnel.” Once received, you take them into a sequence, which is in the form of sequential e-mails with additional value. In other words, you feed them bonuses, free offers and coupons contained in consecutive e-mails.

How to Buy Facebook Likes

Prospective clients do not want to bother opening your Facebook page if you are only getting few hundred Facebook likes and this is detrimental to your business. The bulk of your Facebook page likes creates a social proof that reassure potential customers at some point and satisfies your credibility. Authority is, therefore, reflected on the number of your Facebook likes, giving your business an edge.

The cool thing is you can run a very simple campaign to buy Facebook likes called the “like campaign.” All you have to do is to go to Facebook Add Manager and then run a right-hand-side adds. Those are the ones find on the right-hand corner of your Facebook. Think about your target market, you can start by saying, “click like if you love/support …” People can click the like button of your ad readily, without having to go through your Facebook page. This is convenient for them and thus, effective. Because it is very customer-friendly and doesn’t sound like “just-another-business scheme,” there are a high percentage of people who would actually do it. As you build people who like your Facebook ads, Facebook instantaneously lowers the price per click.

Bottom line, buying Facebook likes helps you build your e-mail list, increase likes on your page, which is very helpful for brand positioning and totally builds your business. This is worth the investment so why not try to buy Facebook likes today?


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