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SafeSoft Solutions Introduces Advanced Trade-in Program to Establish Product Superiority



SafeSoft, one of the leader companies in in cloud-based sales and marketing solutions for small to medium sized companies and call centers introduced an aggressive and competitive trade-in program. This program gives a refund to the customers who switch to SafeSoft from other cloud based solutions.

On this occasion, CEO of SafeSoft Solutions, NimaHakimi, said “We are the most reliable vendor in this space, the only one offering true five-nines uptime performance. To prove it, we’re prepared to pay double to buy competitive seats from anyone who needs reliability and is ready to switch to the industry performance leader.”

The program is based on a per seat basis. It was evident from a recent bill for a competitor and comparable product that the refund is equivalent to twice the customer’s present base seat license fee. The refund is send to customers over twelve months via the monthly invoice from SafeSoft Solutions.

The refund amount per seat per month is calculated by taking the base per seat monthly license fee of a competitor company, multiply the fee by two, and divide the amount by twelve. This amount is then applied to the customer’s monthly invoices for a year. For example, a customer who is currently using the cervices of a competitor company and paying $100 per seat per month would receive a 16% discount for 12 months, if he switches to SafeSoft.

Customers who are looking to switch to SafeSoft for their superior services and receive the refund must provide an invoice from a competitive company that is less than 30 days old. The refund is calculated on the base per seat license fee only. Any charges for local and long distance telecommunication, integration and development, customizations are excluded.

Additionally, the customers who will sign the trade in contract with SafeSoft on July 31st, 2013 by close-of-business will receive free of charge initial setup and training.

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