How to Find a Secure Joomla Hosting?

Joomla security cannot be ignored in any case. The first line of defense for your Joomla website is your Joomla host. Many people make mistake in choosing the hosting provider.  As a result, their Joomla server is never secured the way it should be.

The question that may be bothering many people would be how to find a secure Joomla hosting? There are certain qualities of a good host. You need to let your quest begin by searching for those qualities.

You might come across many Joomla hosts but here are some qualities that you must look for in order to find the secure one:


You must pay attention to features like bandwidth, disk place, number of sites that can be hosted, and MYSQL database before choosing the host.  Your host must tell about the amount of space left, amount of space you are using, and other details like data transfer rate.

Server software

The best Joomla server may be cPanel. Your host must offer you a cPanel.  It is the most preferred one because it does not create issues while running Joomla. Your web developer might have worked with it previously so, it could offer you reliable services.

For security purposes, you must make sure that your server runs PHP in the CGI mode. In this case, PHP will run under your account user instead of any other user like global Apache. If PHP is not configured in this way, then you will be exposed to a number of account attacks from users over the shared server. The webmaster will face a lot of troubles in the installation and management of extensions because of this.

Secured third party extensions

The host should always use safe third party extensions. Often people complain that their websites get hacked. In many cases, there is not anything wrong with Joomla, but it is the unsafe third party extensions, which make the website vulnerable to security threats.

Other steps to look for secure host

It is important to always use a secure server configuration provided by the web host. Do not choose any webhost, which uses PHP in safe mode. If a webmaster is using Joomla 1.0x, then it is essential to keep the registrar global emulation feature off. This setting is available in Joomla global configuration.  You have to make sure that your host uses PHP 5 not PHP 4.

Before choosing any web host for your Joomla, you can choose to look at their Joomla Demo. This is a great way to see how the Joomla extensions will look like. A webmaster has to ensure about the security of his website and he can do this by viewing the Joomla demo. When you will get an idea about the kind of package you are getting, it will provide you peace of mind that whether the host is good for you or not.

You have to consider these aspects before choosing any host for your website. The best host will always provide the best security solutions for your website.

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