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Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

Features and Advantages of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

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What is OBIEE? The OBIEE is nothing but a business intelligence platform that can provide with a whole range of metrics like dashboard, financial and enterprise reporting, all the ad hoc queries, alerts and notifications, integrated systems management and lots more.

Now, let us discuss about the features and benefits of Oracle OBIEE:

All-Inclusive BI Functionality

Interactive Dashboard: The BI solution includes dashboard which is interactive and is editable according to the preference of the user.

Analysis and Queries: The whole analysis and the ad hoc queries can be done through the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

Intelligence Delivery: The business intelligence is very proactive in delivery and in providing the alerts.

Reporting:  The enterprise and the reporting in the financial projects are also useful.

OLAP: This is the online analytical processing analysis and presentation.

Production: The status of the production is required in the high reporting of the production.

Anticipative Intelligence: The business intelligence functionality includes the actual and real-time anticipative intelligence that is required in future.

Analytics: Analytics are important and can be disconnected if the function is over.

MS Office: The coordination and integration is fully required with the Microsoft Office operations.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

Advantages of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

BI Usability :

Important Insights: The proper and relevant insights can be provided to all the users and not only to the analysts.

Optimized Information: The optimized information can be beneficial to the organization at each and every step. Thus all the levels can identify their own roles in the business through them.


Business Models:

The business models for the enterprise information can connect metadata along with the Oracle BI tools and all the applications that are analytical and helps in reducing the total cost of ownership.

Infrastructural Functions :

ETL And Other Applications: The infrastructure of the business intelligence can connect with all the other business applications, data from any source, the ETL or the extraction, transformation and load tools with proper technology in the web portals. Besides, there are other analytical tools, which perform the front-end and back-end operations very efficiently.

Teradata : The business intelligence can be well integrated with Teradata , IBM Database/2 , and also the Microsoft SQL server. The SAP business Information Warehouse is required for the analytical services of the Microsoft which includes the XML and unstructured data with the flat files.

Oracle BI server:

Logical Data Model: The business intelligence server is a method that can easily sustain the logical data model while the presentation service can be carried out by the Oracle database management.

Query and Reporting: The Query and the analytic reports may have high impacts on the business intelligence functions. It can offer the services towards the Answers, Dashboards and also to the other mechanism of OBIEE.

Aggregation: The aggregation and the effective calculation can be provided from the analytical server that help in integrating the data from OLAP and other formless sources.

Thus, OBIEE can provide the end users with different analytical and reporting methods. The tools and products that are delivered from the Business Intelligence are highly modern and carry the scalability and flexibility nature in them. The data accuracy and the consistency can be easily maintained throughout the OBIEE process. The interactive dashboards, scorecards and the workspaces can be useful for the enterprise resource planning of the organization. The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and the Microsoft office applications along with the essential mobile devices are also inclusive essential parts of OBIEE. Thus OBIEE can be considered as the comprehensive suite with all the BI tools and products required for the analytical reports and decision making.


Author Bio: Steve Orland is a popular web blogger and an Oracle expert who is providing the essential features and advantages of Oracle OBIEE through his article.

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